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Bolt.gg Review: Upgrade Your Skins and Promo Code!

Attention: Unfortunately, this provider is no longer available. Please choose an alternative from our online CS:GO gambling sites list.

Bolt.gg takes the hassle out of upgrading your CSGO skins. The company presents users with an easy to use interface which requires that they log-in with their Stream account. Players can then choose the skins they want to upgrade, and the system does the rest.

CSGOBounty not operate anymore that is why we recommend CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire review

The odds up upgrading vary, but we like to think it’s at around 50/50. So, you stand a 50% chance of upgrading. Though the odds of being able to win higher value items i.e. 20x or 10x the value of the ones you have is exceptionally low. The company offers support in 20 languages with seasonal promotions and bonuses.

bolt gg review

Pros of Bolt.gg:

  • Good reputation
  • A 50% chance of upgrading your skins
  • Clean interface
  • Multi-lingual support

bolt gg upgrade skins

Cons of Bolt.gg:

  • Can’t play multiple games
  • No way of tweaking the multiplier
Games available
Available bonuses
The company offers over $100k in giveaways
Overall rating
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