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CSGOBig Promo Code

Are you looking for CSGOBig.com Review or promo code? Check our review and find all needed information!



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CSGOBig Promo Code and Review for June 2023

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CSGOBig.com Review: CS:GO Big experiences

Attention: Unfortunately, this provider is no longer available. Please choose an alternative from our online CS:GO gambling sites list.

CSGOBig Summary:

🔢 How long it’s not working: 4 years
⌛ Best Alternative: CSGORoll
💻 Type of Site: CS:GO Case Opening
💰 Average deposit amount: from $1
💸 Minimum age: 18+

csgoroll codeIn today’s CS:GO casinos, counter-strike fans can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, there is enormous fun in various games, on the other hand, beautiful skins for the CS: GO can be cleared away. It is precisely this simple principle that has made CS:GO casinos enormously important in recent months, whereby CS: GO Big has certainly found one of the most interesting addresses. The entire portfolio is extremely modern and can outshine many competitors with its impressive design. However, there are some other aspects that are convincing, as our experience with CS: GO Big shows below.

CSGOBounty not operate anymore that is why we recommend CSGOEmpire

CSGOEmpire review

Our experience with CS:GO Big

If you want to pay a visit to the casino, you should definitely have some English skills in your luggage. The entire offer is currently only available in this language – even though players from Great Britain and the USA are not allowed to participate at all. Nevertheless, we want to state right here in the CS: GO Big Test Report that the language should not be a real obstacle, especially since most of the terms are international. However, the graphic design of the website is far more convincing than the language. Not only were friendly colors used, but at the same time good boundaries between the individual buttons and menus were found. At first glance, the offer of the casino can be rated as very convincing, especially since there are various games in the portfolio.

CSGO Big in check: fraud or serious?

The most important proof that the CS: GO Big is working properly is the Provably Fair procedure of the games. This ensures that each individual game round is not only carried out correctly and fairly, but that the players can also get an idea of ​​the results afterwards. So that means: If someone smells a CS: GO scam, they can easily get to the bottom of the matter in no time. It is therefore hardly surprising that the casino cannot complain about a lively group of customers, but instead refers to several hundred players who are active at the same time. A little tip: To get a few impressions of the offer and the seriousness, the players can also chat with the other customers of the casino very easily. If there are certain points of criticism, they are guaranteed not to remain hidden for long.

csgobig review

The offer at a glance

Before you can really get started with the games on offer at the casino, customers first have to get the coins they need to play. The players obtain this by selling their own skins to the provider via the trading center. Depending on the value of the skins, a certain number of coins are then credited, which can be used for use in the games. According to our CS: GO Big experiences, there are a total of five different games in the portfolio, although not all of them are real casino games. One of the classics in general is the game of roulette, which shouldn’t be missing in any CS: GO casino these days. In addition, the game jackpots are also available, which can be described as particularly interesting and lucrative. Several players put their amount into the pot, with the player with the biggest bet also getting the highest chance of winning. The payout is then made to a lucky customer who grabs the stakes of the other players. Another game on offer is Coinflip, which can be easily translated with coin flip. Interesting: According to our experience with CS: GO Big, the Mystery Boxes are brand new in the portfolio. These boxes are purchased, whereby the players do not know in advance which skins are included. If it runs smoothly, the cases turn out to be the right and above all cheap bang. According to our CS: GO Big experience, the various giveaways should also be mentioned. The players have to perform various tasks for which they are rewarded with free coins or skins from the provider. The bottom line is that a regular review of such offers is clearly worthwhile.

Deposit: The account is loaded in no time

In order to play the casino games, the coins from the provider are required. These are in exchange for your own skins, which are added to the account via the deposit. Clicking on the deposit area will display all skins that are currently in the player’s inventory. The skins that are now to be sold are then simply selected and sold to the provider for a certain amount. The great thing: the exchange takes place immediately. The skins are removed directly from the portfolio, the number of coins is immediately credited to the player’s account.

Security and regulation: No license, but serious offers

The fans of classic online casinos could possibly be irritated by the fact that there is no official license from a regulatory authority in the CS: GO Big. However, this is only because this is not necessary for CS: GO casinos, after all, it is not a game of real money. However, the Provably Fair proof of the individual games makes it clear that every player can still be sure of a fair process. The results of the rounds are always triggered randomly and can be checked again afterwards.

Support and customer service: FAQ area ensures the greatest clarity

Customer support in the CS: GO Big has not yet been implemented 100 percent optimally. A positive aspect is the fact that the players can seek direct contact with the admins. However, this is not possible via email or contact form, but must be set up via the Steam community. If this path is a bit too cumbersome for you, you can also use an additional FAQ section on the website of the provider. Here all general problems are discussed and explained in detail, so that it is very likely that your own question can be quickly cleared out of the way. Again, we would like to point out that the entire website is currently only available in English. This includes customer support, of course, so that only English contact and an English FAQ section can be used here.

Ease of use: It looks really good here

Visually, the impression of the casino is described in a few words. The provider builds on an enormously modern design, which was paired with a healthy color combination of gray and blue. This results in an appealing appearance, which immediately directs the focus of the players to the essential components. The control is by no means difficult, but can also be implemented without much practice. At the same time a note: Every player has certain design options in the casino and can choose blue or red or green as additional colors. So if you have no problems with the English language, you should be able to find your way around the casino easily at any time.

Conclusion: design and game selection are convincing

Small weaknesses can currently be found with the provider in customer support and the missing German translation. However, these are really only small things that do not contribute to a negative assessment of the offer. According to our CS: GO Big experiences, the casino is again convincing in the area of ​​design and game selection. In addition, the entire offer can be described as extremely safe and fair, so that a CS: GO big fraud can definitely be excluded. So safe and entertaining fun is provided here beyond measure.

Author: Gamble CS:GO

Updated on: 19.09.2021

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