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CSGOPolygon is a large platform where various roulettes for game items in Counter Strike: Global Offensive are collected. In terms of the volume of skins, it can be called one of the largest, it is actively popular with YouTubers. The principle of the game is simple – the user exchanges his inventory for coins and tries to increase their number.
As elsewhere, in csgopolygon codes are not the last. You can get bonus coins using the promo code.

How to use CSGOPolygon bonus code?

  1. Log in to the site using your Steam account;
  2. Next, find the tab with the name “Redeem Code” and click on it;
  3. The first line will ask you to enter a promo code;
  4. Enter your promo code into this line and send it;
  5. We enjoy a nice bonus.

CSGOPolygon tactics

There are no secret tactics in the CSGOPolygon. For this reason, there is no need to trust various scammers who offer to buy a secret strategy. In terms of tactics, you can use the wagering of the deposit. The thing is that before the withdrawal it is necessary to win back the deposited amount. To do this, you can bet all your funds on red and black in roulette. The main thing here is to avoid green. If what you need falls out, then the entire amount will already be won back and it will be possible to withdraw.


Registration in CSGOPolygon

You can use your Steam account as registration. Otherwise, you will need to come up with a nickname, password and enter your email, where you will receive a confirmation letter. There is nothing complicated about this and the whole process will not take more than five minutes.

CSGOPolygon reviews

In reviews of CSGO Polygon, honesty is noted. All numbers are randomly generated and this system is fair. The site administration cannot in any way independently change the outcomes of the rounds, and as proof, users can independently reproduce any of the past matches. To do this, just enter the code, which is always publicly available. Of the minuses, the fact is that you cannot withdraw skins for an amount greater than the amount of bets made.

CSGOPolygon site

The site is available at – https://csgopolygon.com/. On the left you can see a chat where you can chat with other players, and in the center is an active game. There are four of them in total:

  • Roulette.
    The familiar roulette wheel. Here you can bet on red or black numbers. In addition, there are green ones, which do not just double the coins, unlike the previous two, but increase them by 14 times.
  • Match betting.
    Traditional esports betting. CS:GO was chosen as the discipline. You can bet on real team fights, and the odds are formed from the rates of other players. If you win, the bet will be calculated with the final odds.
  • Crash.
    Before the start of the game, a bet is placed, which will grow depending on the schedule. This chart can grow to large values, or it can “crash” at the very beginning. The main task is to collect the winnings until the schedule is interrupted.
  • Dice.
    You must select the amount to bet and specify a specific range of numbers. After all players have placed their bets, a coefficient will be calculated for each range, depending on the entered amounts. If the player guesses correctly, then he gets a prize taking into account these quotes.

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You can contact the support service through a special form, where you need to ask a question and specify the language (Russian or English). After that, the administration will contact the user and answer his problem.


CSGOPolygon is a pleasure to play, as the rounds themselves are honest and you can check the code yourself. On the other hand? will have to play a lot to bring out expensive skins.

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