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DaddySkins Promo Code

Are you looking for a best bonus on DaddySkins.com? Read our review and find the best offer with our promo codes!



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Promo Code Gamble100
Get for Free 5% deposit bonus

Daddyskins Promo Code and Review

List of Daddyskins Promo Codes:

  • Code Gamble100

    Get for Free 5% deposit bonus

  • Code Gamblecsgo100

    Get for Free 5% deposit bonus

  • Code Hellagmarketing

    Get for Free 5% deposit bonus

  • Code Gamble100

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  • Code CSGOempire1003

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  • Code Gamblecsgo

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How to use Daddyskins promo code?
  1. Sign in via Steam, Facebook, Twitter, Vkontakte, Google or just via email.

  2. Click on Deposit section and write amount you want to deposit.

  3. Use our promo code - "gamble100". Click "pay" and receive +5% to your deposit instantly.

List of Daddyskins Promo Codes :

daddyskins free skins

❤️ Daddyskins.com Sign Up!
💎 Promo Code gamble100
🆓 Bonus 5% deposit welcome bonus
🗣️ Trustpilot Rating 3.9 – Great
🌐 Gambling licence Without
✅ Year established 2017

The Gamble CS:GO list also has Daddyskins, the newest site for CSGO boxes! Here you can get all the inside information and the popular promo codes for Daddy Skins. Do you know the problem when CS:GO releases a new chest? You look at the cool new skins, but you know that it is once again impossible to get a red item or even the golden symbol when giving. The rarest case, a skin in Stattrak – Factory New, is like a 6 in the lottery. Frustration spreads immediately.

If you are tired of disappointments, this case opening site, like casinos without registration, is right for you. Like Datdrop, Daddyskins.com offers you the option of opening chests that are not available at CS: GO. The boxes contain exactly the new skins you want. All annoying blue skins are a thing of the past. You can choose how expensive a box is and what item skins it should contain. In addition, you can see in percent exactly what the probability of the different weapon drops is.

Of course you can use any skin win and you are no longer subject to a Steam TradeBan lock. Another option is to withdraw the money in virtual currency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.

The promo code for Daddy Skins is particularly popular with players. Registering with Daddyskins is child’s play. Simply log in with your steam account and log in. Your steam profile with your name will appear in the top right-hand corner. Right next to it you will find a small oval window with the current balance at Daddy Skins. There simply click on the “+ sign”. A small separate window then opens where the desired payment methods can be selected.

 daddyskins affiliate code

Now type in the amount to be paid in here. We recommend a deposit of at least €20 so that the promo code for DaddySkins is really worth it!

The important window with the promo code is directly below the chosen deposit amount. With this exclusive bonus you get 5-10% more money on the deposit.

Daddyskin’s promo code: gamblecsgo

After filling in the two fields, all you have to do is press the “Pay” button and you will be forwarded to the payment providers. Now choose the preferred deposit method, log in as normal and complete the payment process. The deposited money is loaded into the Daddyskin credit account in real time.

Overview of payment methods at Daddyskins

  1. Direct debit
  2. Credit card
  3. Skrill
  4. Neteller
  5. Bitcoin
  6. UnionPay

CS:GO Cases at Daddyskins

With Daddy Skins Cases you are spoiled for choice. Which do you want to open? Here you have a huge selection to open. It is important to mention that you do not have to buy an extra key to open a chest. The price on the box is also the price you pay.

The lowest box starts at 29 cents and the best drop is the MP7 Whipeout | Factory New worth $ 285. Of course, the chance for this skin is relatively small. You can check exactly how small or big a chance is at Daddyskins. Because under each skin you have listed probabilities for a draw.

But even without the “Mega Drop” you win. Because a skin is always too loose, which in the worst case is worth 9 cents. In other words, the loss is a maximum of 20 cents. Better to lose this minimal amount than to open an original CSGO case, where the key alone costs € 2.50.

If you have a little more money for the box, you can try the upper league. For example, there is a Luxury V2 box here. The cost of the case is $ 199, but the skin drops speak for themselves!

Daddy skins and price

  1. 🧤 Specialst Gloves | Emerald $ 2199
  2. 🔪 Karambit | Lore $ 1899
  3. 🔪 Karambit | Crimson Web $ 1198
  4. 🔫 Gl Driver Gloves | Lunar $ 1121
  5. 🔫 M4A4 | Howl $ 1000

Of course, DaddysSkins.com also offers boxes that are priced in between, such as the Vulcan box for $ 2.49, the Covert box for $ 10.49 or the Premium for $ 34.99.

Daddy Skins jackpot

If you now open one of these boxes, you automatically take part in the large Daddyskins jackpot with each opened box. There are three jackpots, the small jackpot, medium CSGO jackpot and large jackpot. The large jackpot averages $ 20,000. With every open box, Daddyskin pays a small amount of himself into the jackpot that you can win. What do you have to do for this? Nothing at all, except opening a normal box. With every box you open, a 5-digit numbered reel rotates. You have to be lucky here, and the 5 reels must all stand 7. Then you hit the jackpot and get the money posted to your account. Even if you only open a 0.29 cent box, you will be entered into the raffle for the small jackpot.

daddyskins open case

Free case at Daddy Skins

Daddyskins.com gives you the chance to open a free CSGO box every 24 hours. Of course, you can keep all the winnings drawn. Here you even have a 500 ticket chance to pull an MP9 – Hot Rod (Minimal Wear) worth $ 13. If you deposit more now, your daily free case level will rise to level 5, where you can win even better and more expensive skins, completely free of charge.

Daddyskins Arenas

Brand new on the case opening site are the arenas, where you can gamble against other players for skins. The “all or nothing” principle applies here. You can win all at once or go home with nothing.

If you want to determine yourself how expensive an arena fight should be, click on the button Create Arena on the right side: Now all you have to do is click on Add Cases and add all the boxes you want to play. It does not matter whether you play for one box or for many different boxes. Once you have made your selection of boxes, you still have to choose whether you only want to play in pairs, against two other players or even against three other players. If you only play against one player, the chance of winning is 50:50. When fighting two other players, the chance of winning is 33%. With three opponents you can win with a 25% chance.

However, the smaller the chance of winning the bigger the win for you! Because you get all the objects that your opponents have drawn. It is nice that you are always shown during the game who is in front with how much money or skins. If you don’t want to create your own boxes, you can simply join an arena fight that has already been created. The same principle applies here, the winner gets everything. If you created a fight and no one joins the fight, you can simply cancel it and the cost of the fight will be credited back to your account. So if no one should join your fight, don’t be afraid to break it off.

Upgrade Daddyskins

The CSGO upgrade function gives you the opportunity to combine all skins that you don’t want to keep and to create a new, better skin. Here you can choose as many of your skins as you like and swap them instantly.

For example, if you have 10 identical skins that all cost a dollar, you put them together in the left box and choose a skin on the right. If one of the skins is worth $ 20, you have a 50% chance that your upgrade will be successful. If you want to take more risk and get a skin that is worth $ 100, you have a 10% chance of a successful upgrade. With a 1000 dollar skin it is then 1%. You can determine the percentage distribution yourself.

Please note that if the upgrade is not successful, you will lose the skins you used. If it is successful, you can multiply your profit with just one click. From $ 10 skins to a $ 1,000 skin, with just one click and a little luck

Payout at Daddyskins

If you win beautiful skins and want to have them play or sent to your CS:GO Steam profile, that’s no problem. Just click on Inventory under your name. Here are all the skins you have won listed. Now you can simply have it sent to your steam profile by simply clicking send. Another option is to convert the skin into real money. All you have to do is insert your Bitcoin or your Etherium address, and the desired amount will be on your online wallet within a very short time.

Conclusion on Daddyskin’s case opening

Daddyskins is currently the largest CS: GO online gambling site with 1,100,000 registered users, over 56,000,000 open boxes and over 700,000 upgrades. This makes the website a strong competitor for Datdrop. In addition, playing on Daddyskins.com is really fun, and the most important thing is that you always have a good sense of achievement, get excited and happy about every battle you win. Of course, a $ 50 skin from a 0.49 cent box is absolutely strong. This is exactly how CSGO Case Opening has to be!

Author: Gamble CS:GO

Updated on: 09.03.2023

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