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DatDrop Promo Code

Are you trying to find the best promos on DatDrop? Well, you’re in luck. Read our review and find the best DatDrop promo codes.



Monthly Visits
927 000
Recent Bonus
Promo Code top100list
Get +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours

Datdrop Promo Code and Review for December 2023

💥 Here are some working promo codes for DatDrop.com:

  • Code top100list

    Activate Code Now for +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours

  • Code gamblecsgo100

    Activate Code Now for +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours

  • Code hellagmarketing

    Activate Code Now for +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours

How to use DatDrop code?
  1. Open a browser and go to DatDrop.com and click on “Sign in with Steam.” Make sure to agree to all the terms that appear in the pop-up window. ✔️

    free csgo cases
  2. After logging in with Steam, click on the “+” sign that appears next to your name. From here, select your preferred payment method. ✔️

    choosing skins ksgo
  3. Click on the “ADD PROMOCODE” button, enter “HELLAGMARKETING,” then click “Apply.” Accept the withdrawal terms that appear in a pop-up window and proceed with your top-up. ✔️

    datdrop promo code

✔️ That was everything you needed to do in order to use and apply DatDrop promo codes. ✔️

DatDrop promo code

🤟 DatDrop.com Sign Up!
👍 Promo code DatDrop top100list
🎁 Bonus Activate Code Now for +5% to every deposit, but max $100 per 24 hours
💹 Trustpilot Rating Excellent – 4.0 (Reviews 1486)
💥 Updated December 2023

DatDrop Promo Code and Review for December 2023

DatDrop offers a variety of promo codes that you can use to help you save some money.

datdrop site

How Does DatDrop Work?

Datdrop is a CSGO case opening site. You need to pay a specific amount in order to open a case containing a variety of skins. You can see the skins inside each case and the respective odds of you finding each skin in the case.

DatDrop also has a variety of crates to choose from, ranging from ones that cost just a few cents to premium DatDrop crates that cost several hundred dollars.

Aside from basic case openings where you can open anywhere from 1 to 4 cases, DatDrop also features a variety of games that makes things more interesting. This includes modes like Battle Opening, Upgrade, and Battle Royale.

Battle Opening is a multiplayer game where the winner gets everything. You go head-to-head against up to 3 other players, and whoever opens the most expensive loot will get awarded with everyone’s case opening as well. It’s a high-risk, high-reward type of game where you can go home empty-handed or with tons of skins.

Upgrade allows you to select skins from your DatDrop inventory and stake them in order to get a more expensive skin. The more skins you stake, the higher your chances of “upgrading” and winning a more expensive skin.

Finally, there’s also a Battle Royale mode that is basically a series of Battle Opening rounds where you advance to the next round as long as you get the better drop.

datdrop battle

Deposits and Withdrawals at DatDrop.com

Of course, you can’t open cases on DatDrop.com without depositing any money. Now I know it can be quite scary to deposit money on a new site. So before cashing in, let’s first answer the question, “Is DatDrop Legit?”

Yes. DatDrop is legit. It has nearly 2.5 million users that has opened nearly 330 million cases in its lifetime. It’s been around since 2017 and has a solid Trustpilot rating of 4.0 stars.

To deposit on DatDrop.com, you can simply click on the “+” button beside your name. After that, you can choose from any of the following payment methods to add funds to your account:

  • 💰 Zen
  • 💰 GameMoney
  • 💰 Switchere
  • 💰 Skinpay
  • 💰 Waxpeer
  • 💰 Ethereum
  • 💰 Litceoin
  • 💰 Gift Cards
  • 💰 Promo Codes

Luckily, withdrawing skins is just as easy. All you have to do is go to your profile, click on “Withdraw Skins,” and select the skins you want to withdraw. You can withdraw skins through the following methods:

  • 🕹️ Steam

Unfortunately, you can only withdraw skins via Steam. Just make sure to enter your trade URL and then click on the “Withdraw Skins” button. After that, you should receive a trade offer featuring the items you want to withdraw. Accept the trade offer and get the skins in your Steam inventory.

You can’t convert your skins into real cash.

cases datdrop

How to Claim DatDrops’s Deposit Bonus

You can claim DatDrop gift card by using the “+” icon next to your username. Simply click on the “Gift Card” method and purchase a gift card or enter your code. Don’t forget to use code “HELLAGMARKETING” for an extra 5% deposit bonus.

Depositing some funds is the first step to take if you’re looking to open more DatDrop mystery boxes. Luckily, all of the available payment methods for deposits allow you to add promo codes.

Just choose your preferred payment method and click on the “Add Promo Code” button. Enter the code “HELLAGMARKETING” for a 5% bonus for each deposit up to a maximum of $100 per day.

CSGO Gambling on DatDrop.com

Whenever you’re gambling on DatDrop.com, remember to use the DatDrop code “HELLAGMARKETING” for a 5% deposit bonus. The main way you can gamble on DatDrop is by opening cases for CSGO. Don’t worry. Opening DatDrop CSGO cases is fair and legit.

They have a provably fair system that ensures that all results on DatDrop.com are totally random. They also list all of the odds of each skin found within the cases, giving you a good idea of how likely you can find the skin you want.

DatDrop also features a roll verification if you want to see the numbers yourself. You can input the specific seeds for each case or battle to verify if they were actually randomized. They also publicly share their provably fair algorithm, allowing any player to check it.


How to Raise Your Level on The DatDrop Site?

DatDrop gives away free cases to their users every day. The number and quality of the cases you can receive will depend on your overall level. Higher levels will get you access to more expensive drops. Here’s the complete list of DatDrop levels and level balances:

  • 🕹️ Level 1 – $3
  • 🕹️ Level 2 – $25
  • 🕹️ Level 3 – $50
  • 🕹️ Level 4 – $75
  • 🕹️ Level 5 – $100

The main way to level up is by simply depositing more money. The more money you deposit, the higher your level will be. However, you can also lose your level. DatDrop does regular checks to determine if you’ve deposited enough money to retain your level.

If you fail to maintain your balance above their level requirements, you will slowly drop your levels each day. Without new deposits, you will also lose your free case privileges. So make sure to use code “HELLAGMARKETING” whenever you’re depositing money for an extra 5% bonus.

Is DatDrop Legit?

Datdrop has been around for several years and enjoys a good reputation with users. Since 2017, it has welcomed more than 2.4 million users who have opened more than 327 million cases worldwide. They also have a solid trust factor rating of 4 stars over on Trustpilot, which means that the general public trusts DatDrop.

They also have a system that has been proven to be fair. All of their case openings, battles, and upgrades, have a provably fair system in place to ensure that all results are randomized and legit. Users can also check the fairness of the results through their roll verification system. DatDrop is also active on social media and has a Facebook and Twitter account.

This makes them, without a doubt, a reliable and secure site.

datdrop trustpilot

Advantages of Using DatDrop Promo Codes

You might be asking yourself, “What is DatDrop, and what is the best promo code to use?” Well, DatDrop is a CSGO case opening site that allows you to get rare and expensive skins by simply opening cases.

To answer your question, the best DatDrop promo codes are “HELLAGMARKETING,” “TOP100LIST,” and “GAMBLECSGO100.” These codes will allow you to earn a 5% bonus every time you deposit money.

The main advantage of using DatDrop promo codes is that you’ll be getting more out of your money. More money means more case openings and more case openings mean more chances of getting a rare skin. So make sure to use a promo code before depositing on DatDrop.com.


Overall, DatDrop offers a pretty amazing case-opening experience. They have a great selection of cases, and the games that they provide are really good. One downside is that their customer support can only be accessed via email, which can result in slow responses at times. However, they are very helpful and respond quickly once you get a hold of them.

DatDrop also supports a ton of payment methods for deposits, including some crypto. They also feature some generous promos. The withdrawal periods are also quite good, but you can only withdraw skins to your Steam inventory and can’t convert them to cash.

If you’re looking for a solid CSGO case opening site, DatDrop is definitely one that we recommend.


  • How Do I Get My DatDrop Bonus?

    You can get your DatDrop bonus by using one of the promo codes when depositing money. Feel free to use the code “HELLAGMARKETING” for a 5% deposit bonus with a maximum of $100 per day.
  • What Games Are Available on DatDrop?

    Aside from their standard case-opening services, DatDrop also offers various case-based games that allows players to enjoy opening cases in different ways. Here are the different games available on DatDrop:

    • 1

      Battle Opening

    • 2


    • 3

      Battle Royale.

    All three game modes can allow you to win more skins than simply opening a case.
  • How Can I Deposit and Withdraw on DatDrop?

    DatDrop supports a variety of payment methods for deposits. Here are all the different payment methods you can use:

    • 1


    • 2


    • 3


    • 4


    • 5


    • 6


    • 7


    • 8

      Gift Cards

    • 9

      Promo Codes

    Don’t forget to use the DatDrop promo code “HELLAGMARKETING” for an extra 5% bonus on your deposits. You can withdraw the skins you get from DatDrop by clicking on your profile and clicking on “Withdrawals.” From here, your skins will be transferred to your Steam inventory through a trade offer. Unfortunately, you can’t convert skins into real money.
  • Is DatDrop a Reputable CSGO Gambling Site?

    Yes. DatDrop is a reputable CSGO gambling site that has been trusted by over 2.4 million people since 2017. It also features a provably fair system which ensures that all case openings and games are actually randomized. Users have opened more than 327 million cases on DatDrop, ensuring that the site is as legit as they come.

Author: Anwell Patdu

Updated on: 25.10.2023

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