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DatDrop Promo Code & Full Review: Is DatDrop Legit?

Datdrop promo codes List:

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How to use DatDrop code?

  1. Go to DatDrop.com. Little recommendation: If you see – “404 Not Found” don’t worry, just use VPN(for example, from Germany) and site will work
    datdrop 404
  2. Click in “Sign in with Steam”
    datdrop sign in with steam
    datdrop 2 factor
  4. Click “+” which means deposit at the right corner
    datdrop deposit
  5.  Go to the field – “Use Promo Code” and type here – “top100list”
    datdrop use promocode
  6. Code is active now and you receive +5% to deposit

How Datdrop works

Datdrop is a CSGO skin case opening site. In addition to checkout opening, they offer checkout opening duels and tradeup. There are also links to games of Blackjack, Coinflip, Gems and Jackpot but these four games are not actually on the Datdrop site.

The site has a variety of crates to choose from, ranging from ones that cost just a few cents to the premium Datdrop crate that costs several hundred dollars.

DatDrop Promo Code

To qualify for the bonus, simply enter the promo code csgodude on Datdrop when you deposit funds on the site.

To redeem the code, click on the plus sign next to your username, select the “Use promo code” tab and enter the referral code.

You will get a 5% deposit bonus on your deposit for redeeming the code.

In addition, this is not a one-time code. Enter it every time you make a deposit to get a 5% bonus up to the limit of $100 per day.


How to deposit money on DatDrop

To get started, users must first register and log into Datdrop through their Steam account.

The next step is to make a deposit into your account.

On Datdrop, you can make deposits using G2APay, your skins or via ethereum. Once you have made a deposit, you can start to open crates, play upgrade or battle boxes.

How to remove CSGO skins from Datdrop

You cannot remove skins directly from Datdrop. The only way to opt out of the site is to use Ethereum.

To withdraw from the site, you must first convert the skins you have earned into Ethereum. Then click on “Cash Out”. You will need to provide a “withdrawal” address which can be any Ethereum wallet.

You can transfer the money to sites like LootBear and Waxpeer and use the funds to buy skins, or on Coinbase where Ethereum can be converted to another currency (euros/bitcoin …).

After entering the address, you will need to confirm the withdrawal. You will be taken to a page that shows the number of skins, the value of the skins in dollars, and the estimated amount in ETH.

Click on “Confirm receipt” to complete the transaction. You will see a pop-up message that says “Cash out created successfully”.

Ethereum’s price is based on Bitfinex’s ETH/USD market at the time of the trade.

datdrop code

How to level up on Datdrop

Datdrop gives free crates to users of their site every day. The number of free cases you receive as well as the quality of the skins depends on your level. There are 5 possible levels. The more money you put into your account, the more your level increases. Below are the amounts that must be deposited to reach each level.

  • Level 1: $3
  • Level 2: $25
  • Level 3: $50
  • Level 4: $75
  • Level 5: $100

A user’s level can also decrease. Every day at midnight, you lose $5 on your level (not on your account). So if you don’t regularly deposit money, you drop in level.

Obviously, the higher your level, the more generous the skins in the free crate.

  • The free cashier for levels 1 offers skins between $0.03 and $1.77.
  • The free cashier for levels 2 offers skins between $0.09 and $2.48.
  • The free cashier for levels 3 offers skins between $0.30 and $3.98.
  • The free crate for levels 4 offers skins between $0.13 and $30.
  • The free crate for levels 5 offers skins between $0.09 and $75.

Is Datdrop a reliable site or a scam?

Datdrop has been around for several years and enjoys a good reputation with users. During its existence, it has welcomed more than 1.9 million users who have opened more than 145 million checkouts.

They also have a system that has been proven to be fair, both battles and upgrades so that users can check the fairness of the results. Datdrop is active on social media and has Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This is without a doubt a reliable and secure site.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are a lot of great things about Datdrop. Here are some of the good things about the site:

  • There is a good selection of crates with a wide price range to suit all budgets
  • Many free cases and gifts for users
  • Withdrawals can be made quickly
  • The Datdrop site can be viewed in 10 different languages

Datdrop also has a few things that could be improved:

  • Customer support is only available by email. There is no live chat option.
  • Users cannot remove skins directly from the site

datdrop promo code


❓ How do I get my Datdrop bonus?

Datdrop allows you to get an additional 5% on your deposits thanks to the code top100list

❓ What games are available on Datdrop?

When you log into Datdrop, you have the option to open hundreds of different crates, for all prices. You can also do crate fights or upgrades.

❓ How to deposit and withdraw on Datdrop?

You can obviously deposit via csgo skin. But also by credit card or cryptocurrency if you prefer. Finally, withdrawals are done through Ethereum, which you can use on other sites, like Lootbear.


Overall, we are quite satisfied with the services provided by Datdrop. They have a great selection of cases and the Battle Opening game is very good. Although customer support is only available by email, they respond quickly and are very helpful.

The withdrawal periods are also quite good. For one of the best CSGO upgrade sites as well as box opening, try Datdrop and you won’t be disappointed.

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