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Best Mystery Boxes Sites in 2023


Mystery Boxes Sites in December 2023

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  • 1. Hypedrop.com

    Hypedrop.com is one of the most trusted and featured mystery box sites you can find. They have a fantastic 4.5 score over on TrustPilot, rated by more than 1000 members with a 100% verified authentic badge given by third-party authenticators. You’ll have trouble finding a more legit mystery box website than Hypedrop.

    They offer guaranteed authentic products found in a variety of different categories, from gadgets to fashion. Hypedrop.com is also one of the very few sites where virtually open the Mystery Box so you know what items you have received.

  • 2. DatDrop

    DatDrop is one of the best mystery box websites you can use if you’re looking for CSGO skins and items. They have been trusted for years and have collected more than 2.4 million total users.

    They offer numerous cases to choose from at a variety of prices. They even have some free ones if you’re down to complete tasks. DatDrop also features tons of mini-games, such as Battle Opening, Upgrade, and Battle Royale, that make case opening more fun and interactive.

    Overall, I highly suggest using DatDrop if you want a reliable mystery box site for CSGO.

  • 3. CSGORoll

    Add more CSGO skins to your collection by opening real mystery boxes on CSGORoll. They offer a wide selection of mystery boxes that consist of different weapon skins, gloves, knives, and stickers. They also have everything from dirt cheap to insanely expensive boxes, allowing you to start small or go all out.

    CSGORoll also features some unique PvP games that can make your mystery box opening experience a lot more entertaining. Entering these games doubles your chances of winning big if you’re willing to risk it all on the line.

  • 4. Drakemall

    If electronics and clothes are your thing, then Drakemall is the place to be. Drakemall offers some of the cheapest mystery boxes out there that reward very expensive items. Most of their boxes are priced anywhere from a few cents to about $20, making them very affordable and accessible to almost anyone.

    Drakemall has cheap mystery box categories for tech, gaming, smartphones, eSports, women, geek, and clothing. They also offer free daily mystery boxes if you’re registered to their site.

  • 5. Lootie

    Lootie is another solid mystery box site to get your goodies. They offer almost anything you can think of. This would include things like shoes, watches, gadgets, phones, electronics, designer clothes, and even Pokémon cards, if you were wondering.

    Lootie offers a variety of different price ranges for their boxes. There are $0.99 boxes if you want to try your luck, but there are also $299.99 if you want to splurge. They are probably the best luxury mystery box sites out there, proven by their more than 3.65 million users.

  • 6. Etsy

    The last thing you might think about when thinking about Etsy. However, Etsy actually offers a ton of unique mystery boxes that are crafted and personalized by the creators over on the site.

    Etsy probably offers some of the more unique items. Loot boxes can include anything from jewelry, clothes, crystals, electronics, parcels, and stationery, among a list of other things.

    Etsy is by far the best online mystery box website in 2023 if you’re looking for customized and personalized unique items.

  • 7. Mysteryopening.com

    Mysteryopening.com is one of the simpler mystery box websites on the list. They offer a pretty basic yet straightforward site with a relatively wide selection of boxes. Some of their featured boxes can have you winning items like Jordan shoes, Apple gadgets, Pokémon items, PC games, and designer apparel.

    They also accommodate a wide price range, with mystery boxes starting at $0.20 all the way up to $349.00 for more premium items. Mysteryopening.com is pretty transparent with item percentages and even shows you the price of each item you can unbox

  • 8. JemLit

    JemLit is an online mystery box website with a wide variety of boxes where you can win prizes like gaming, streetwear, and technology-related items. They have a provably fair system that ensures that all openings are legit and according to the odds.

    They have a simple UI and are trusted by over 1 million users. JemLit also has legit boxes and authentic items available for a variety of prices. They even feature a live unboxing section where you can see what other players get as rewards.

  • 9. Amazon

    There’s no question that Amazon is the biggest online shopping site out there. There are tons of items that you can buy from Amazon, and one of those are mystery boxes. It’s probably one of the best places to buy mystery boxes, especially if you’ve got an Amazon Prime subscription.

    Amazon is probably one of the mystery box sites where you can find a plethora of unique and different-priced boxes. If you’re looking for a very specific type of mystery box, then Amazon is probably the right place for you.

  • 10. Walmart

    Walmart is another giant in the online shopping industry that offers regular items as well as mystery boxes. Even though they aren’t primarily a mystery box website, they still offer legit mystery boxes at a variety of prices.

    Walmart has a vast collection of boxes from different sellers. There are more than a thousand entries to choose from and various categories to explore. They offer great shipping options and even have special sales and discounts from time to time, allowing you to save some extra money and open more boxes.

What is an Online Mystery Box?

An online mystery box is a loot box where you aren’t exactly sure what the item inside is. However, they are often themed and will give you a general idea of the possible items inside.

You can find mystery boxes on a variety of sites, and they will contain anything from clothes, gadgets, and even skins for different games, among others.

Mystery box openings will typically extremely exceed the value you’ve paid for it or be way under it. They usually come with the premise of offering more value for your money and getting crazy rewards for low prices.

mystery boxes site

Top Mystery Box Sites in 2023

Rating Mystery Box Sites Bonus Code Bonus Description Claim Here
1st Hybe.com HELLABOX Receive 1 box for free Get Now
2nd DatDrop top100list Get an additional 5% deposit bonus Get Now
3rd Lootie hellagood Receive 1 box for free Get Now
4th Drakemall GAMBLE-CSGO Get a 50% first deposit bonus with an additional $0.65 on top. Get Now
5th JemLit hella Receive a 5% deposit bonus. Get Now
6th Amazon N/A Browse through thousands of cheap mystery boxes Get Now
7th CSGORoll GAMBLE-CSGO Get a 5% deposit bonus and an additional 3 spins where you can win up to $1,000 Get Now
8th Walmart N/A Check out unique mystery boxes Get Now
9th Etsy N/A Shop for personalized mystery boxes Get Now
10th Mysteryopening.com goodhella Receive a 20% deposit bonus with 3 free mystery boxes Get Now

Buying Mystery Boxes Online: Tricks and Tips

There are a ton of uncertainties involved when buying online mystery boxes, and you can only hope for the best. So here are a few tricks and tips to help you find legit mystery boxes online.

  • Always look for sites with great and realistic reviews.
  • Take the time to read or watch reviews before deciding where to buy mystery boxes.
  • Try to find sites that have been in the business for a long time.
  • Don’t get too attracted by crazy prizes.
  • Cheap-priced mystery boxes with insanely expensive rewards are usually scams or near impossible to win.
  • Remember that you can’t win every single box you open. You’ll sometimes lose money, earn money, or break even.
  • Review the odds of winning each item and ensure that you’re aware of the possible contents of each box.
  • Finally, make sure to use bonus codes to get more value out of your money.

Mysteryopening boxes

Mystery Box Free Promo Codes and Bonuses

There’s no better thing in the world than free items. If you’re looking to buy real mystery boxes, I’m sure that you want to win big and get the most value out of your money. Well, these promo codes will help you achieve your goal by giving freebies and deposit bonuses.

  • Hybe.com – Use code HELLABOX to get a free mystery box.
  • Datdrop – Use code top100list to receive a 5% deposit bonus.
  • Lootie – Apply code hellagood for a free mystery box gift.
  • Drakemall – Apply code GAMBLE-CSGO for a 50% bonus on your first deposit with an additional free $0.65 credit.
  • Jemlit – Use code hella for a 5% deposit bonus.
  • CSGORoll – Use code GAMBLE-CSGO for a 5% deposit bonus and three free mystery boxes that can be worth up to $1,000.
  • Mysteryopening.com – Apply code goodhella for a 5% deposit bonus with three free mystery boxes.

Are Mystery Boxes Legal?

A commonly asked question about online mystery boxes is, are they even legal? Well, yes. They are, in fact, legal. The whole premise of mystery boxes is based on gambling, which can be illegal in some places. However, since you are getting items in return, most places don’t technically consider it as “gambling,” and are considered a normal exchange of goods instead.

The mystery box websites we’ve listed all have solid Trustpilot ratings. However, there are some that aren’t legal so make sure to check out reviews and ratings first before buying any boxes.

Lootie boxes

Different Types of Mystery Boxes

There are a variety of mystery boxes you can buy online with different types, themes, prices, and contents of each box. Here are a few popular ones that you might recognize.

Feel-Good Box

Feel-good online mystery boxes are quite self-explanatory. They contain items that will make you “feel good” about yourself. Feel-good boxes are typically great gifts for almost anyone because they can cater to different types of people and situations.

Items that are usually found inside Feel-good boxes are:

  • Letters,
  • Motivational quotes
  • Scented items
  • Beauty products
  • Relaxation products
  • Chocolates
  • Candies
  • Fruits
  • Drinks

McDonald’s Mystery Glasses

Another type of real mystery boxes that you might be familiar with is McDonald’s Mystery Glasses. They came with purchases from their menu, and all had similar blackout-type boxes that you can’t see into.Each box contained one of two possible McDonald’s glasses. There was a black/grey glass and an extremely rare black glass with gold glitter.

Degusta Box

Degusta boxes are perfect for persons with a huge appetite who like to open mystery boxes as well. Degusta boxes offer a unique unboxing experience that’s filled with 10 to 15 different types of food and beverages each month.

Black Box

A mystery box will usually be called a “Black Box” if its contents are itemсs that are typically meant for men. This includes a variety of things like:

  • Personal care items
  • Clothes
  • Accessories
  • Perfumes
  • Gadgets

Hypedrop mystery boxes

What is the Best Mystery Box to Buy?

The best mystery box to buy will highly depend on your needs. Luckily, these mystery box sites all have boxes that will have exactly what you want. If you’re looking for premium products, then the boxes on Hybe are perfect for you. Etsy mystery boxes are a no-brainer if you’re looking for personalized and custom items.

If you’re on the hunt for a specific mystery box, then Amazon will likely have a seller for it. Drakemall also features some nice and cheap boxes. Finally, if you’re primarily looking into CSGO skins, they DatDrop is the best place to buy a mystery box.

How Do We Rate Mystery Box Websites?

We’ve scoured the web and found some of the ten best mystery box websites you can find online. You might be wondering how we got ten sites out of the numerous online mystery box sites. Here are the main factors that we used to pick out the best ones:

  • Accessibility – This includes things such as quickness to sign up, UI and UX simplicity, loading times, and country availability.
  • Variety – The number of mystery boxes, themes, and rewards available on each site.
  • Prices – The price ranges available within each site.
  • Legitness and Reviews – Having a ton of user reviews, video reviews, and a provably fair system.
  • Welcome Bonuses – Bonus codes that give new users great value.

CSGORoll mystery boxes


Those were our picks for the 10 best mystery box sites in December 2023. Not all mystery box sites are created equal. Some are legit, and some are scams. At the end of the day, we all just want to experience the thrill of opening mystery boxes and getting the most value out of our money that we can.

Don’t waste your money on scam sites that don’t have fair odds. Instead, make sure to pick one of the legit mystery box websites on our list. They are all safe, tested, and actually give out rewards. Open a mystery box today. Who knows, you might just win big.

FAQs about Mystery Boxes

  • How Can Mystery Boxes Be Bought?

    Buying Mystery Boxes is actually pretty easy. Here are the steps you need to follow when buying boxes:

    • 1

      Find a site where you want to open mystery boxes.

    • 2

      Create an account for the site.

    • 3

      Search for a mystery box that you like.

    • 4

      Pay for the box and unbox it on the site.

    • 5

      Claim your rewards and find another box to open.

  • Are These Mystery Boxes Legit?

    Yes, these are legit mystery boxes. They all follow a provably fair system that ensures that no third parties can influence the results. This allows all mystery boxes to stay true to their odds and leaves everything up to chance. All of these mystery box websites are also well-reviewed and trusted by the public.
  • Where Can I Buy Mystery Boxes?

    You can buy mystery boxes online. There are thousands of different sites that sell them, and a quick search will already result in numerous entries. However, we do recommend choosing from the ten sites we’ve listed above to ensure that you’ll get a legit and safe mystery box site. The ten sites we’ve listed above also come with excellent welcome bonus codes that allow you to get rewards upon your first deposit.
  • How to Get Free Mystery Boxes?

    Most legit mystery boxes requires you to pay a specific amount before you can open them. There are tons of cheap ones out there that allow you to win big. However, there are also some mystery boxes that you can get for free. Here is a list of free mystery boxes that you can get:

    • Drakemall - when you register.

    • Hybe.com - When you use code HELLABOX.

    • Lootie - When you use code hellagood.

    • Mysteryopening.com - Gives three free mystery boxes when you use code goodhella.

Author: Syed Arham

Updated on: 11.12.2023