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Roobet Referral Code and Casino Review

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What is Roobet?

Roobet is a gambling site with counter strike skins where users can play different games to win skins. Its operation is similar to that of many other online gambling sites.

Players deposit skins which can be exchanged for coins which can then be used to bet on the games offered on the site. The coins earned can then be used to purchase skins that can be withdrawn.

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How to get free coins on Roobet?

The first way to get free coins at Roobet is to claim their welcome bonus. New site users can claim a bonus after registering by entering a promotion code.

To get the welcome bonus, go to Roobet. In the menu at the top, there will be a “FREE BOX” tab. A popup will appear and ask you for a code. You enter the code “andrewsanchik” then you click on “Claim 3 cases”. You will have 3 gifts offered by the site, ranging from a few coins to a dragon lore for the lucky ones.

You can only use it once. Otherwise, this message will appear: “You have already redeemed a referral code”.

There are also regular contests to win skins on CS:GO, by lottery.

You have a level system. For each level gained, you are entitled to free crates, the more you play, the more crates you earn.

Games available on Roobet

There are 4 main games on the Roobet game site:

  • Roulette: The game offered here is similar to that of other CS:GO roulette sites. There is a wheel with 15 slots numbered 0-15. Slot 0 is green, slots 1-7 are red, and slots 8-14 are black. Winning bets on black and red pay 2-1, while a winning bet on green pays 14-1.
  • Crash: The standard crash game. A multiplier starts at 1 and increases until it crashes. Players try to cash in the highest possible multiplier before the crash occurs.
  • Dice: Players choose two numbers between 1 and 100. A number is drawn at random and if it falls between the two numbers chosen by the player, the player wins. The closer the two numbers are, the higher the payout, but the harder it is to win.
  • Coinflip: Players bet on the side of a coin that is going to come out. (heads or tails)

Roobet does not offer a jackpot.

Recently, Roobet added the ability to open cases of counter strike skins. You can open a crate with only knives. The more expensive the skins inside the crate, the higher the price will be – unlike directly in-game crates.


Is Roobet legal?

Roobet is one of the oldest CS:GO gambling sites launched in 2015.

It has a large user base and enjoys a solid reputation with gamers. Roobet games have a system in place that has been proven to be fair.

Depositing and withdrawing skins is usually done with ease. All of this makes Roobet a legitimate site for betting on skins.

Deposit and withdrawal methods on Roobet

There are different ways you can deposit money at Roobet.

  • Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin
  • Credit card: Visa, Mastercard
  • Skins: Counter Strike or Dota 2
  • Virtual wallet: Skrill or Neteller

The means of withdrawal are the same.

Advice on Roobet

Tipping is a very popular feature on Roobet that allows users to transfer coins to their friends in the chat.

To tip, simply right-click on the user’s username and enter the amount you wish to send.

Access to Roobet is done in the same way as for many other gambling sites. Log in using your Steam account.

You can contact after-sales service by clicking on the icon at the bottom right of each page. This is a live chat, customer service will respond within hours.

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❓ How to get free chests?

Thanks to the promo code you benefit from three free chests (no deposit) with the possibility of winning a dragon lore.

❓ What games are available on Roobet?

Roobet is getting closer to an online casino. It offers a roulette (simplified), a crash, opening crates, a dice or a coinflip if you want to compete with other players.

❓ How to deposit and withdraw on Roobet?

The deposit is made by credit card, skins, cryptocurrency or paypal. Withdrawals are only via csgo skins (with a market directly on Roobet).


Roobet is one of the best CS:GO gambling sites. The platform offers many bonuses. They offer the best games, which also work with a system of proven fairness.

The site offers quick deposits and withdrawals. Customer service is available to you 24/7. We guarantee that you will enjoy playing on the platform and if you are not yet registered then do so quickly and use our promo code to get three free cases.

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