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Recent Bonus
Deposit and claim up to $80 in Free Spins!
Activate Code Now and unlock Instant RooWards Access + 70 free spins worth $80

Roobet Promo Code and Review for September 2023

Stay up-to-date with all the new Roobet promo codes, like “GAMBLECSGO“, for September 2023. Enter these codes for bonuses and rewards:


    Unlock Instant RooWards Access + up to 70 Free Spins worth $80

  • Code HELLAGO

    Unlock Instant RooWards Access + up to 70 Free Spins worth $80


    Unlock Instant RooWards Access + up to 70 Free Spins worth $80

  • Code CSGOTOP100

    Unlock Instant RooWards Access + up to 70 Free Spins worth $80

  • Code CSGO10

    Unlock Instant RooWards Access + up to 70 Free Spins worth $80

How to Use Roobet Promo Code?
  1. Go to and sign in or register via email.

    roobet registration
  2. Click on the ‘Redeem’ item at the top left of the menu. You can take a look on a screenshot below.

    roobet redeem
  3. Paste a code "GAMBLECSGO" to a field "Promo". Click "Redeem Promotion" and unlock Instant RooWards Access.

    roobet promo code


Roobet promo code

Promotions Details Promo Code
👋 Roobet Welcome Offer Deposit and claim up to $80 in Free Spins! GAMBLECSGO
🔥 NFL Coin Toss: HT/FT Insurance Play Fearless and Win with No Worries HELLAGO
💝 Matchday Cashback Get enhanced odds on qualifying games! GAMBLE10CSGO
🎁 Spinomenal – Into the Universe Get Ready for 12 Weeks of Cash Prizes! CSGOTOP100


Video Guide: How to use Roobet promo code?

What is Roobet?

Roobet is one of the world’s biggest virtual casinos and gambling sites. It features a vast array of games that can be played to earn money instantly. Roobet is an easy-to-use interface, and its responsive design allows users to access the site and its services on various devices. So, whether you’re on a desktop at home or up for a quick game on the go, it can be used by anyone anywhere at any time. Roobet’s bringing the casino right to you!

roobet review

To play games on Roobet, players must first create a free account and deposit into a crypto address generated by the site. Players can use the funds from this address to play the various games the site offers. Money earned will be reverted to the crypto address and can be withdrawn at any time. Because of the website’s inclination to cryptocurrency, it’s accessible to an extensive range of people.

Roobet’s User Interface / User Experience

Roobet features a simple interface that is easy for most users to get used to. Navigating through the site is enjoyable. From the homepage, you can access almost all the features on the website. Signing up / logging in is hassle-free and covers options on how you’d prefer to sign up. If you’d like, you can create an account straight from your Google account.

After logging in, you can just jump right into playing a game! No overly complex menu system or needless ads exist so that you can play your favorite casino games. Roobet offers its users access to demo games, which is particularly helpful to people new to the site who want to have a little experience playing the games before they start staking. Accessing account info, user preferences and settings, the cashier, and other features is also a breeze.

roobet welcome bonus

Roobet Promotions for Players

Roobet usually has one-time Roobet codes and promotions, attracting players to the site throughout the year. For example, Roobet has a promotion called “Welcome Offer”, where you must deposit, play games to earn free spins; the more you deposit, the higher your chances of getting free spins.

Other Roobet’s ongoing promotions:

  • 🎁 Roo’s Spin & Score September;
  • 🎁 Welcome Offer;
  • 🎁 Matchday Cashback;
  • 🎁 Wazdan Mystery Drop;
  • 🎁 Power Weekends;
  • 🎁 NFL Coin Toss: HT/FT Insurance;
  • 🎁 Spinomenal – Into the Universe;
  • 🎁 Drops & Wins (Live Casino)
  • 🎁 Drops & Wins (Slots)

promotions in roobet

Roobet promo codes compensate players for Roobet’s lack of a welcome or deposit bonus. You can earn more by entering a promo code and depositing dollars into your account.

An example of one of these codes is entering the code “GAMBLECSGO” and unlocking Instant RooWards Access and up to 70 free spins.

How long is the bonus valid?

According to Roobet, the company can change, add, adjust, suspend, or remove any of its Roobet bonus promotions and offers at any time with its sole discretion.

All terms and conditions you can find on the page. The Mr. Roo’s Metaverse Marathon Promotion is only available for limited days without interruption, while other Roobet no deposit bonus promotions can be valid for a different time period.

What are the Pros & Cons of RooBet Offers?

Roobet is a registered online casino website making it a reliable and safe site to play on. While Roobet doesn’t allow players from certain countries, it accepts players from all over the world.

Players choosing to use Roobet gamble facilities will have access to:

  • ✔️ promotions,
  • ✔️ bonus codes,
  • ✔️ free funds to earn Roobidos,
  • ✔️ a VIP reward system,
  • ✔️ top-of-the-line customer support,
  • ✔️ and no transactional costs when you make a deposit.

These are a few of the many pros that Roobet offers its customers.

Roobet Gameplay

Roobet offers various unique games to its users. The games are simple and can be learnt in an instant. Some games have a higher risk factor, giving players variety based on their choices and preference.

roobet games

🎮 Crash:

The game of Crash is played by betting a set amount before each round starts. A win multiplier starts going up (represented by a rocket in the game). Players can choose to cash out at any point in time during that round. The higher the win multiplier, the more money the stake earns.

However, the multiplier will eventually crash. The entire stake is lost if you don’t cash out before the multiplier crash. As expected, the higher the multiplier, the higher the crash risk. Sometimes, however, the crash happens at lower multipliers, so care must be taken when staking.

Crash is straightforward to understand and play and is a favourite to many Roobet users, particularly those new to the site.

🎮 Roulette:

Roulette is more complex, though only by a little. In this game, users must choose a particular pin and hope the spin lands on the selected pin. The pins are bronze, silver, and gold. The bronze and the silver have a 2x multiplier, meaning that players receive double their stake if they win on them. The gold pin, however, has a 14x multiplier, and players earn fourteen times their stake on an accurate prediction. Picking the wrong pin loses the stake.

🎮 Mines:

In mines, players are presented with a 5×5 cell board with 1-10 “mines” scattered around randomly. Players are then tasked to select the cells free of mines to win. Once a mine is struck, the game ends. The longer the streak without hitting a mine, the more you earn. Completing the board without hitting any mines will give you a bonus. Players can choose to cash out their winnings at any time during the game, and there is no obligation to complete the game completely to win.

🎮 Dice:

Dice is played by betting that a randomly generated number from 2 to 98 will be above or below the player’s chosen number. The win multiplier is based on the probability of accuracy. If the player’s chosen number is the generated number or close to the number, the game is won.

🎮 Towers:

To win at Towers, players must select one of three rows that slowly lead up to the pinnacle. If selected, the game ends, and the stake is lost. Like Mines, players can cash out their winnings at any time.

Roobet offers a wide variety of Blackjack and Baccarat lobbies to choose from. These lobbies offer games with classic rules or slight variations. The site partners with some of the world’s leading B2B online casino gaming operators, like BGaming, Pragmatic Play, and Evolution, providing premium gaming services since 2006 to deliver a top-of-the-line user experience.

The site also has a massive catalogue of slot games.

 Funding your account on

Funding your account is not as difficult as you might expect. Users have the option to fund to a crypto address generated by the site since the site is cryptocurrency based. The generated address is assigned only to your account and cannot be accessed by anyone else. Users can use cryptocurrency exchange apps to fund funds directly from a crypto wallet (preferably Coinbase, Exodus or Blockchain).
You can also use your:

  • 💳 Visa credit cards;
  • 💳 MasterCard,

and other forms of online banking to make payments on Roobet.

The site allows you to make a deposit from the following cryptocurrencies:

  • 💰 Bitcoin (BTC),
  • 💰 Ethereum (ETH),
  • 💰 Litecoin (LTC),
  • 💰 Thether (USDT),
  • 💰 USD Coin (USDC),
  • 💰 Litecoin (LTC).

roobet deposit

It is important to note that before any transaction can be done on your Roobet account, you’ll be required to verify your account via email.


Like depositing, withdrawals are hassle-free and smooth. The withdrawal option can be found in the Withdraw (which can be accessed from the center of the homepage – “Deposit” button). Withdrawing is simple, as inputting details of your wallet. There will be charges for each transaction, depending on priority.

Roobet prides itself on being a crypto-exclusive platform. Also, there is a possibility for withdrawal to a bank accounts via:

  • 💸 Credit Card;
  • 💸 MuchBetter;
  • 💸 Credit Card via PayDo;
  • 💸 AstroPay.

roobet bonus

Functionality and additional features

Roobet has a ton of other features. For example, there is a Free Play option to earn free tokens from taking surveys, running apps, and making purchases. You can tip a user on the site an amount if you’d like. The RooWards Rewards System also gives loyal users rakebacks, cash-backs, and bonuses. A VIP program is also available to the most elite users, offering the best the site offers. Users on the VIP program enjoy perks like enhanced bonuses, exclusive promotions, gifts, and even a VIP personal account manager. The VIP program is highly exclusive, and players can only join with a special invitation from the Roobet team. There are tips to help improve the chances of aspirants, like being constantly active, but of course, it isn’t guaranteed.

Roobet has a robust affiliate program that offers bonuses and commissions for referrals. In fact, commissions earned through its affiliate program run for life, so you can make unfettered bonuses simply for getting people to use the site.

The site has a Help Centre with helpful articles and tips and a fast, responsive live customer support in case you need further assistance.

Licenses and Security of Roobet Casino

Roobet is owned by Raw Entertainment B.V., a company incorporated in Limassol, Cyprus. The company owns Reg No 157205, having its registered address at Fransche Bloemweg 4, Curacao, and is licensed and operates under 8048/JAZ from Curaçao’s Gaming Control Board.

This gaming control board is an international organization with broad experience regulating the gaming and betting industry.

The Roobet website is protected with 256-bit encryption, which serves to ensure that your personal information is not compromised when accessing the site. In addition to this, Roobet’s online security offers you the option of enabling 2FA. The 2FA feature ensures that you and only you are accessing your account, protecting your prizes and available funds.

site ranking trustpilot

Roobet’s licenses and security answer the question, “is Roobet legit?”  The licenses and security make the casino safe, legal, and “legit” to play in permitted countries.

Permitted Countries for Roobet’s Bonus Codes

Roobet promo code and Roobet is available to players in most South American countries, like Chile and Argentina. Roobet is available to play in other countries around the world. For a complete list of countries that allow players to use Roobet online gambling services, please see the permitted countries list on Roobet’s website.

What about the US? Due to NetEnt restrictions, Roobet is not available within the US. Besides from the US, playing on Roobet is not allowed in the following countries:

  • Albania
  • United Kingdom
  • Aruba
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Cyprus
  • Afghanistan
  • Curacao
  • Nicaragua
  • Cuba
  • Denmark
  • Bonaire
  • Gibraltar
  • russia
  • Canada (Ontario)
  • Iran
  • Venezuela
  • Australia
  • Lithuania
  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Slovakia
  • Austria
  • Haiti
  • Hungary
  • Israel
  • Iraq
  • Malta
  • Myanmar
  • Netherlands
  • North Korea
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Saba
  • Saint Maarten
  • Saint Martin
  • South Sudan
  • Statia
  • Syria
  • Sweden
  • Yemen
  • Zimbabwe
  • A complete list of banned countries can be found here.

General verdict

It is important to note that Roobet is a gambling site, and as such, there is no liability for funds lost on the site. The games are fair and unrigged, but care must still be taken with money spent on the site. There is always a risk factor to consider when using a gambling site, and Roobet is no exception, so only spend money you can afford to lose. Roobet is also not a crypto trading platform and does not guarantee profits or offer any form of investment.


  • Is Roobet legit?

    Roobet is as safe and secure as you can get out of any online casino. It meets AML, GDPR, and KYC requirements, meaning that it is adequately licensed, and there’s no probability that it’ll just up and disappear. All games are also designed to be fair, so there’s no probability of rigged games, and this also applies to Roobet’s e-gaming partners (like Pragmatic Play). Roobet is as safe as safe can be.
  • What is a welcome bonus on Roobet?

    You can register and deposit on Roobet and receive 70 free spins worth $80.
  • Can you use more than one promo code on Roobet?

    You can use one promo code for Roobet or as many Roobet promo codes as you like. It is important to ensure that your promo codes are different. The best promo codes to use are:
    • 1

      HELLAGO – Activate Code Now and unlock Instant RooWards Access + 70 free spins worth $80

    • 2

      HELLA1 – Activate Code Now and unlock Instant RooWards Access

    • 3

      HELLA10 – Activate Code Now and unlock Instant RooWards Access

    • 4

      HE11A – Activate Code Now and unlock Instant RooWards Access

  • Can I make money at Roobet casino?

    Yes, you can make money when using Roobet online casino. You may be asking yourself, is Roobet real money? The answer is yes! When you play any Roobet game, you are using real money and win real money, which can be withdrawn to any of Roobet’s supported payment platforms. This is possible thanks to Roobet’s licenses which registers the platform as a big-time gaming platform that allows its users to make real money.

Author: Andreea Lavorenciuc

Updated on: 20.09.2023

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