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Best CS:GO Roulette Sites in 2023

TOP 17

List of the Best CS:GO Roulette Sites in June 2023

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    Code: Hella100

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    Code: HELGO

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    Monthly visits: 6 800 000
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    Code: infotoplist

    Activate it now to unlock Ace rewards with 50% rakeback instantly

    Monthly visits: 1 600 000
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    Activate Code Now and unlock Instant RooWards Access + 70 free spins worth $80

    Monthly visits: 1 000 000
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    Code: hellagood

    Activate Promo Code and Get $0.15 Free for Signing-Up +30% XP BONUS

    Monthly visits: 2 118 000
  • 7
    Code: top100list

    100% deposit bonus up to $1k and 50 free spins

    Monthly visits: 34 300
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    Code: top100list

    receive a free Gift Case worth anywhere from $0.01 to $1445

    Monthly visits: 1 700 000
  • 9
    Code: gamblecsgo 

    Get for FREE 1000 coins

    Monthly visits: 149 300
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    Code: top100list

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    Monthly visits: 1 300 000
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  • 1. CSGOEmpire

    Are you ready for the ultimate roulette CS:GO experience? Look no further than CSGOEmpire! This platform offers a variety of exciting roulette minigames for all sorts of CSGO rewards. As a new player, you'll receive a warm welcome with $0.5 in free coins just for your first transfer.

    Once you're all set up, get ready to dive into CS:GO skin roulette, where you can wager on the classic roulette table. Moreover, if you’re feeling lucky, you can take a go at CSGO Coinflip and see how much you can multiply your wager.

    CSGOEmpire also offers traditional casino games, jackpot games, and case-opening facilities so you can unlock some of the rarest cosmetics. Try out any of the available bonus and referral codes to maximize your cashout amount!

  • 2. CSGOPolygon

    CSGOPolygon offers a phenomenal gambling experience through its wide array of roulette games. Aside from the standard roulette, CSGOPolygon stands out for its CS:GO Crash game that is sure to get you pumped up. And the best part? You can use your CS:GO skins to play and even receive payouts in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

    Additionally, if you’re new to CSGOPolygon, you'll receive a whopping 1000 free credits just for opening a new account and entering the bonus code gamble-CSGO. That means you can start playing and winning right away from your first deposit!

  • 3. Gamdom

    Gamdon Casino has one of the best referral programs in the CS:GO betting site space. Without even making your first deposit, you can enter your referral code and gain anywhere from 10 to 80,000 coins from your first FREE box.

    You can play Crash and Roulette to wager your skins and convert them into coin bonuses, which you can then use to purchase even rarer CS:GO cosmetics.

    Additionally, if you promote the site by including ‘Gamdon’ in your Steam name, you can level up 2x faster to receive even bigger bonuses on your deposits!

  • 4. CSGORoll

    CSGORoll is a roulette site with tonnes of different features for all kinds of players. This tried and true gambling platform allows you to try your luck in Unboxing. You can also visit the website to bargain the boxes you’ve just won, either through CSGORoll's plethora of casino games or through the Unboxing feature.

    If you’re looking to get lucky, give Crash, Roulette, Coin Flip, or Case Battle a shot, where there’s always going to be a winner. The best part of CSGORoll is that anyone can take advantage of their affiliate program. Simply get your referral code and share it with your friends, and you can receive up to a 10% bonus on all of the deposits. For new players, use the promo code: GAMBLE-CSGO to earn 3 free cases and a 5% bonus on all cash deposits.

  • 5. Duelbits

    Duelbits is a popular online roulette that offers an exciting list of CSGO games, including Skin Roulette, Crash, Coin Flip, and Slots. Players can use in-game cosmetics like weapon skins or actual currency to place bets and win huge bonuses. The platform also offers various rewards through its exclusive Ace VIP program for frequent players, as well as exciting giveaways and raffles.

    Duelbits provides a safe yet action-packed gambling experience for CS:GO players. So why wait? Sign up now and use the promo code infotoplist to unlock Ace rewards with 50% Rakeback instantly so that you can start betting without worrying about putting everything on the line in your first deposit.

  • 6. CSGO500

    CSGO500 boasts a plethora of weapon cosmetic gambling games on its roulette site, including the staples: Roulette, Crash, Coin Flip, and Slots. With its CS:GO skin roulette, you can transform your digital cryptocurrencies into CS:GO skins. If your luck’s soaring high, be sure to give Slots and Coin Flip a try, as you can win incredibly valuable skins through it.

    Be sure to trade in your skins for the one’s you’re looking for, as you can find like-minded players looking to convert their winnings into CSGO cosmetics. It also has one of the best promo-code bonuses out there. You can use code: top100list to receive a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1k and 50 free spins, giving you a chance to make the most out of your first deposit.

  • 7. RooBet

    RooBet has a highly generous VIP and referral system that incentivizes players to stick around. As a CS:GO roulette site, it has everything you’d expect and more! The more you deposit and the more you play in RooBet, the more experience you’ll receive. These XP points will contribute towards leveling you up so that you receive greater deposit bonuses and better rake backs alongside exclusive RooBet CSGO cases!

    Withdrawing your winnings is pretty simple. You can deposit through popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum or convert your digital funds into coins through Visa and MasterCard platforms. Withdrawals take less than 24 hours in most cases, and you only get charged a small platform fee.

    Sign up and use code: GAMBLECSGO to get started and unlock instant RooWards access alongside 70 free spins worth up to $80!

  • 8. WTFskins

    WTFSkins is a Steam-verified gambling platform that gives players the added facility of opening cases with their roulette winnings. It has tonnes of other minigames where you can multiply your wagers, such as Hi-Lo and WTFskins Crash.

    WTFSkins sets itself apart through its user-friendly design. Players can convert their skins into coins for added flexibility, and you’ve got the chance to get lucky every day through its daily jackpots and free coins through various promotions.

    WTFSkins is a licensed roulette CS:GO platform, but if you want to test it out before making your first deposit, use the promo code: gambleCSGOwtf to get $0.25 gems for free and start playing!

  • 9. Bandit.Camp

    Bandit.Camp is the perfect casino platform for CSGO enthusiasts, but it also caters to players by letting them cash in their Dota 2 and Rust Skins as well. This facility can allow you to rack up value from different games and accumulate a bunch of CS:GO cases in the end.

    The free rewards are also quite enticing.Bandit Camp regularly hosts all sorts of giveaways on its Discord and Twitter, so make sure you’re following them on their social media platforms. Your deposits are kept safe through its state-of-the-art encryption services, so you can safely use your cryptocurrency to spin and win big!

  • 10. Clash.GG

    Finally, for CSGO enthusiasts looking for a thrilling betting experience, Clash.GG is a must-try casino platform. With a variety of games to choose from, including CSGO Roulette, CS:GO Crash, CS:GO Case Opening, and CS:GO Case Battles, there's something for everyone.

    CS:GO Roulette offers strategic betting options, with additional rounds taking gameplay to new levels. Meanwhile, CS:GO Crash allows players to take calculated risks in order to score big wins. CSGO Case Opening offers not only the chance to battle other players for skins but also the opportunity to open cases for even better rewards.

    And if you're looking for something unique, try out CS:GO Case Battles, which puts a twist on classic card games for an adrenaline-inducing experience. You can sign up on Clash.GG right now with one of its many promo codes to minimize your risk and maximize your rewards!

  • What is CS:GO Roulette
  • About CSGO Roulette

    Before you start spinning the wheel on CSGO Roulette, there are some conditions you should be aware of. First and foremost, you must be at least eighteen years old to join in on the fun. The roulette sites we’ve listed are legitimate businesses, and they have to follow the rules and regulations set by their corresponding authorities in order to keep their license to operate. So, if you come across a site that doesn't ask for your age, it's most likely illegal.

    When it comes to playing CS:GO Roulette, a lot of people prefer to link their Steam accounts to gambling sites. This is due to the fact that most of these sites only allow you to gamble skins, which have a virtual value that you can cash in for coins. Recently, some sites have allowed the use of real money and cryptocurrency as well. If you're looking for a trustworthy site to play on, we’d recommend Thunderpick.com; they offer CS:GO Roulette or “Spin,” and you can use either skins or real cash to bet. So, get your lucky charm and spin that wheel!

Best list of CS:GO Roulette Sites in 2023

Website Rating CS:GO Roulette Site Promo Code Bonus Click Here
1st CSGOEmpire Use “top100list” to receive a free gift box Get Bonus
2nd CSGOPolygon Use ”GAMBLECSGO” for FREE 1000 coins Get Bonus
3rd Gamdom Use ”top100list” for 15% instant rakeback for the first 7 days upon Signup Get Bonus
4th CSGORoll Use ”gamble-CSGO” for 3 cases and a free +5% Deposit bonus Get Bonus
5th Duelbits Use ”infotoplist” to unlock Ace’s rewards, with nearly 50% Rakeback Get Bonus
6th CSGO500 Use ”top100list” for a 100% deposit bonus of up to $1k and 50 free spins Get Bonus
7th RooBet Use ”HE11A” to unlock RooWards Access instantly Get Bonus
8th WTFSkins Use ”gambleCSGOwtf ” to get $0.25 worth of gems for Free Get Bonus
9th Bandit.Camp Use ”hellamarketing” for a free $0.15 upon signing up along with + 30% XP bonus Get Bonus
10th Clash.GG Use ”hellago” to get daily free case along with rakeback Get Bonus

csgoroll roulette websites

How to Play CSGO Roulette

The CSGO Roulette strategy is quite similar to that of traditional roulette games. The main difference is that instead of numbers, the game focuses on the colors red and black, making it a much simpler version of the classic game. So, for the most part, you can follow the same roulette tips and tricks you’d follow in the standard version. All you have to do is guess which color the pointer will land to get your payout.

However, CS:GO Roulette and regular roulette have a green alternative, although some gambling sites display it in gold. To increase the stakes, some gaming sites offer more than one green to increase the stakes, although it affects the “house” advantage. If you correctly guess that the ball or pointer will land on green, you can expect a significantly higher payout than if it had landed on red or black.

How to Claim Free Coins on CSGO Roulette Sites?

Certain roulette sites reward you with a free sign-up bonus if you’re looking for free skins or coins without flicking in a deposit. Most of the time, it’s in the form of a free skin crate or some coins to sponsor your first spin. So, even if you don’t have any skins to exchange, you can get yourself some free coins through the CS:GO roulette daily coins or through special promotions and offers.

On the off chance that a website requires you to make a deposit before giving you your sign-up bonus, you can always check their referral system to see if you can get any free rewards for referring a friend.

Thunderpick is a good example of where you can get free coins. There you will be rewarded with coins by including their emblem in your Steam account. That way, you have a simple and fun way of playing CS:GO roulette without investing any money. However, you’ll have to enter a bonus promo code before you can get any free rewards, most of the time.

CSGO Roulette payment option

The main mode of payment on these CS:GO roulette sites is exchanging skins for coins via the Steam platform. The value of each skin may fluctuate according to the market; if a certain skin gets distributed across many players, its value may decrease. Roulette websites also allow you to deposit through transferring digital funds from:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • E-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller

Additionally, another convenient mode of payment is through crypto transfer. As cryptocurrency becomes more common, more and more online casino platforms prioritize crypto as their preferred payment method and often incentivize players to pay through cryptocurrencies like:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin

csgo roulette sites payment option

How We Pick the Best CSGO Roulette Sites

When searching for the best CSGO roulette sites, it’s essential to consider more than just the nature of the minigames. A great site should be user-friendly, with feasible options for both high rollers and casual bettors. This means offering a wide range of wheel options, including jackpot games, which is why some of our best CS:GO roulette sites offer multipliers such as 2x, 3x, 5x, 14x, and 50x on their roulette wheels. The best roulette sites also offer generous deposit bonuses and free codes that allow players to win skins without making an initial deposit.

When considering the specific minigames available in CS:GO roulette sites, it’s also important to look beyond just roulette. The best sites offer an array of CS:GO gambling games:

  • Casino games
  • CSGO Crash
  • Coinflip
  • Jackpot

They also include items from other esports in their betting games, giving players even more opportunities to win CSGO skins. Ease of payment and banking methods are also crucial, and the best sites offer multiple payment options.

Bandit Camp csgo roulette sites

Roulette Strategies To Use on CSGO Roulette Sites

Here is a portion of the methods taken by successful CSGO roulette players to maximize their winnings.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is an age-old method that uses probability to maximize your chances of turning a profit. In roulette, you would have to start by betting a small amount. If you lose, double your bet amount and roll again. Once you win, you will reset your betting amount to the initial small amount and repeat once again.

Reverse Martingale Strategy

The reverse Martingale, or the Paroli strategy, involves increasing the sizes of your bets when you win and decreasing them when you lose. Essentially, you would start with a medium size bet, increasing it incrementally as you win. Once you lose, decrement your betting amount and roll again. This strategy focuses more on the concept of winning and losing streaks rather than probability.

The Advantages of Using CSGO Roulette Sites?

There are numerous incentives to sign up on verified CSGO Roulette sites. First and foremost, you can add skins to your collection that you’ve never owned before or even trade them with other players on the platform. Additionally, the best CSGO roulette websites encourage players by offering free rewards such as platform coins or weapon crates that give users a chance to hit amazing jackpots.

Apart from that, you can also gain certain perks by promoting and referring these betting sites to your friends or advertising them through your Steam info. So even if you’re not too keen on making your first deposit, you can still win great rewards through legitimate CSGO Roulette sites.


CSGO Roulette is definitely exhilarating and makes up for some of the most popular online casino platforms today. Roulette is fast and pretty easy to learn, and the fact that you can win a bunch of skins and money makes it one of the most played CSGO gambling forms nowadays.

However, like with all other CSGO betting sites and gambling, you have to be careful not to go too far. Stay reasonable as you play, and keep track of your bankroll. Also, if it stops being favorable to play, then realize it’s time for you to stop as well. All in all, don’t forget to have fun – after all, CSGO roulette is extremely fun, so get your free coins and start spinning today!


  • What is CSGO Roulette?

    CSGO Roulette is basically roulette for CSGO skins and cosmetics. You wager one of your in-game cosmetic items and get the chance to get an equally valuable weapon skin in return. Note that you have to be above 18 years in order to start playing CSGO Roulette.
  • How does CSGO Roulette work?

    CSGO Roulette functions the same way as regular roulette. However, the only difference is that you can only bet on colors rather than numbers, giving you roughly 50-50 odds every time you spin. Certain wheels also have the ‘gold’ or ‘green’ option, which equates to huge payouts if you win.
  • Can I get free coins in CSGO Roulette?

    Yes. Many CSGO Roulette Sites offer sign-up bonuses without asking you to make an initial deposit. You can also get lucrative rewards for promoting their website and referring your friends through your referral codes and affiliate promo codes. Aside from the free coins and skins, your friends also get certain incentives for signing up using your code.
  • Is CSGO roulette profitable?

    CSGO roulette gambling isn’t guaranteed to turn over a profit, but you can certainly turn the odds in your favor if you apply well-known roulette strategies. However, it’s important not to play with the mindset of hoping to win and simply play roulette casually for skins that you can afford to give up.