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Best 14 CS:GO Roulette sites in 2021 with Free Rolls

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Overview of CS:GO Roulette games

CS:GO Roulette is another addition in the world of CSGO gambling. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has become the first sport to bet in the last few years. CS:GO Roulette, which in many ways resembles traditional roulette, takes gaming to a new level.

There are a number of gaming sites out there that offer this kind of gambling. Here we explain what to look for in such, how to play and advice on how to improve your chances of winning.

In case it’s CS:GO roulette destinations you’re searching for, you’ve gone to the ideal spot. Gamble-CSGO.com is now known to be among the best CS:GO roulette locales, and we disclose how to play and guarantee promotion codes and rewards!

Best list of CS:GO Roulette Sites in 2021

To ensure that our visitors only get the best, Gamble-csgo.com provides tips on the absolute top layer of CS:GO roulette. Below are some of the features we want our listed gaming sites to have:

First, the site must be a safe place for players. The site must, therefore, hold a gaming license in a country where an authority oversees an actor and controls to ensure that the gaming business goes right. In this way, members are protected from being cheated or similar. In addition to this, a gaming site should also use SSL encryption to prevent outsiders from infringing and accessing private information.

Finally, the sites we promote should be easy to use and navigate through. In addition, we prefer to see that the gaming companies we mention on Gamble CS:GO also offer attractive bonuses that can significantly improve the players’ experience.

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What is CS:GO Roulette?

CS:GO Roulette is played in the same way as regular roulette. However, there are some necessities to consider before you start playing. To begin with, you must be at least eighteen years old to be allowed to play.

Most of the gaming sites that are not affiliated with Steam are registered betting companies and that means they hold a license and have to comply with laws and regulations. If they fail to do so, they may lose their gaming licenses. If you find a site that does not have an age limit, it certainly does not have a gaming license and is therefore operated illegally.

Many people play on CS:GO Roulette by linking their Steam accounts to the site that provides gambling. That’s because in many cases, they only offer roulette games for skins that are exchanged for so-called coins. However, today’s gaming companies have both skins and real money as payment methods. Here we can recommend Thunderpick.com which offers CS:GO Roulette, or Spin as it is called there, and skins or real money as a payment method.

How does CS:GO Roulette work?

The rules of the CS:GO Roulette are similar in many and very traditional roulette games. The big difference is that the primary focus of the game is on the colors red and black instead of numbers like in regular roulette. Overall, this is a much simpler version of the classic game. On the other hand, one thing that CS:GO Roulette and regular roulette have in common is the green alternative, even if it is in gold in some gambling sites.

To increase the excitement, some gaming sites offer more than one green tab, which of course affects the “house” advantage. If you guess right that the ball or pointer ends up in green, you can expect a significantly higher dividend than if it had ended up in red or black.

Can I get a free coins?

If you are in need of skins or money to exchange for coins, you can in some cases access free free coins. Thus, when you download free coins, you do not need to exchange skins or make any deposit. Most often you get these in conjunction with special promotions and offers, which are mainly found at new gaming sites that want to attract members.

Thunderpick is a good example where you can get free coins. There you will be rewarded with coins by including their fire in your steam account. Simple and fun way to try playing CS:GO roulette without investing any money. But usually, to get free coins, you have to enter a bonus code.

CS:GO Roulette Strategy & Tips

All gambling has its own strategies you can use and CS:GO roulette is no exception. Thanks to the similarities to traditional roulette, there are already many strategies to use.

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CS:GO Roulette payment option

For the most part, payment is made to play CS:GO Roulette by exchanging skins via steam. The value of your skins varies depending on how rare they are. Then your skins can also increase but also decrease in value and everything is managed via external players. However, it is now possible to use common payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard and e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller. Also, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin sites, etc.) are becoming more common as accepted payment methods at gaming sites.

The Best CS:GO Roulette Sites in 2021

When glancing through all of the distinctive CS:GO locales, we check out all various regions to see which ones are the absolute best for CS:GO roulette. Here is a rundown of the CS:GO roulette destinations that dominate the competition.

1. CSGOEmpire

Any new player that transfers ownership of up will straight be compensated with $0.5 in free coins. Beside this, the CSGOEmpire site offers a CS:GO roulette game, yet additionally CS:GO Coinflip, the CS:GO Crash game, club games and CS:GO bonanza games. It is additionally a CS:GO case opening site. Also, this site offers CS:GO Skin betting just as digital forms of money payouts. For the most part, for CSGOEmpire, there are additionally extra codes and reference codes accessible with the expectation of complimentary coins and credits, so you can settle the score more worth.

2. CSGOPolygon

The CSGOPolygon site has a phenomenal CS:GO roulette game, yet beside that, its CS:GO Crash game is additionally generally excellent. You can play with CS:GO skins and furthermore pays out in digital currency, for example, bitcoin. One major in addition to is that this betting site offers players 1000 free coins or credits when you enter reward code gamble-csgo and open another record.

3. FarmSkins

Ranch Skins greatest selling point is its quality as a case opening site. It additionally offers clients roulette, a fair big stake game, club games and a CS:GO Crash. There are a scope of installment and banking strategies accessible, Visas and genuine cash, however you can likewise store and play with CS:GO skins and VGO skins. There are likewise rewards and advancement codes for new record clients and existing clients.

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How We Pick the Best CS:GO Roulette Sites

Aside from the nature of the CS:GO roulette game, what else do we search for in great CS:GO roulette betting locales?

🟡 The Number and Range of Wheel Options: The site ought to be reasonable for all clients, not simply hot shots. You ought to have the option to bet so a lot or as minimal expenditure as you need. Thus, we search for a site that offers a decent assortment of wheel choices, with the expansion of a big stake game. The vert roulette destinations offer 2x, 3x, 5x, 14x and 50x roulette wheel determinations and varieties.

🟡 Roulette Site Deposit Bonuses: The best destinations will offer players a decent assortment of extra offers and advancement codes. These should offer players a specific measure of free coins, additional credits, additional skins for your stock cases or more. Some may even be a match reward to twofold your first store.

🟡 Free Codes: This is the chance for players to get something to no end. Players get the opportunity to win skins without putting aside an installment. Probably the best CS:GO roulette destinations will likewise give you free coins to begin creating a gain on the roulette wheel.

🟡 Assortment of Games: The best sites will offer players the opportunity to wager on various CS:GO games, not simply roulette. The best sets additionally offer gambling club games, CS:GO crash, coinflip and furthermore bonanza games. They should likewise offer players the opportunity to wager on other esports. All games should offer players much more ways of winning CS:GO skins and VGO skins, yet additionally genuine money.

There’s likewise the intriguing choice of CS:GO roulette bonanza which is fun and can win players an extremely decent benefit. Players can store their skins, credits, coins or even genuine cash bet into a pot – and the champ brings home all the glory!

🟡 Installment and Banking Method: No matter the sum you need to wager, putting aside an installment ought to be speedy and simple. Various locales offer store techniques, for example, Visas, bitcoin and other cryptographic money choices. They ought to likewise oblige clients needing to utilize a store technique for CS:GO and VGO skins. They will then, at that point, convert these to the site money and credits, which you can use to make a bet.

🟡 A CSGO Community: CS:GO can be fun, yet particularly on the off chance that you can visit with individual CS:GO clients. Playing against different clients and partaking in the talk that accompanies it can make your bet even bit fun.

Step by step instructions to Play CS:GO Roulette

CS:GO Roulette is actually very basic and simple to play. On a portion of the huge CS:GO sites, you should sign in utilizing your steam account or different stages like Twitter, Facebook or Google. This makes signing in speedier and simpler.

When you are signed in, you can put aside an installment in various ways. You can put aside installments utilizing your Steam stock things, for example, CS:GO skins, VGO skins, prizes and prizes. You can likewise store with genuine cash, utilizing administrations like G2A and Gameplay, on which you can likewise utilize cryptographic forms of money.

Furthermore, players can utilize a case opening site to discover extra CS:GO skins and significant things. Utilizing these Case Opening locales allow you a superior opportunity of discovering uncommon skins and significant things for your stock, which you would then be able to use on the roulette site.

Whenever you are endorsed in and saved, pick your roulette haggle how large you go. Will you go straight for 50x or give a shot 2x or 3x from the get go

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CS:GO Roulette Strategies

Here are a portion of the methodologies took on by fruitful CS:GO roulette players to assist them with making the most from their bet:


Most players will know about the Martingale roulette framework. This has been around for nearly as long as the actual game. The Martingale technique expects players to build their wagers after each success until they lose. In this way, players should begin at a lower measure of cash and go up from that point.

Invert Martingale Strategy

This is nearly too known as the Martingale methodology. Otherwise called ‘Paroli’, it requires a player to continuously diminish their wagers after each success. When you hit a misfortune, then, at that point, you increment once more. Then, at that point, when you win you will reset back to the first sum that you decided to wager.

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

This is perhaps the most secure technique out there. Players should expand their bet sum after each misfortune, yet by a more modest augmentation than you would in the Martingale Strategy. The possibility of this is that you pick an agreeable bet to begin with and increment your wagers by one after a misfortune and abatement by one after a success. On the off chance that you get however many successes as misfortunes, you will be in benefit by the quantity of wagers made.


CS:GO Roulette definitely raises excitement and is today a popular gambling alternative. Roulette is fast and easy to learn, this combined with the fact that you can win a lot of money makes this gambling form one of the most played today.

Just like with all other CSGO betting sites and gambling, you have to be careful not to play too much. Use your common sense as you play and keep track of your bankroll, it ends up being fun to play then it is the mode for you to stop too.

But after all, CS:GO roulette is extremely fun, so get your free coins and start your game today!