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SkinsMonkey Promo Code

Looking for a site to trade your CS:GO items? Check our review of SkinsMonkey and find out if it’s the right one for you.



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Recent Bonus
First trade bonus
Use promo code HELLAGOOD and get a $5 deposit bonus

SkinsMonkey Promo Code and Review for June 2023

SkinsMonkey offers a wide variety of promos, like a $5.00 sign-up bonus and up to an extra 5% deposit bonus, to help beginners get started. This makes Skinsmonkey a solid choice.

🚨 List of best SkinsMonkey Promo Codes: 🚨

  • Code HELLA

    Use promo code HELLA Skinsmonkey and get a $5 deposit bonus


    Use promo code HELLAGOOD Skinsmonkey and get a $5 deposit bonus

How to Apply SkinsMonkey Promo Codes
  1. Register or log-in to your SkinsMonkey.com account via Steam. ✔️

  2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your profile photo and select “Claim Bonus.” ✔️

  3. Enter the HELLAGOOD promo code and click Claim Bonus to continue.✔️

💥 You can also claim deposit bonus codes when replenishing your balance. To do this, simply select your preferred payment method, type in the HELLAGOOD promo code, and press Claim. It should automatically be applied to your purchase. 💥

🤟 SkinsMonkey.com Sign Up!
👍 Promo code SkinsMonkey HELLAGOOD
🎁 Bonus Use promo code HELLAGOOD and get a $5 deposit bonus
💹 Trustpilot Rating Excellent – 4.8 (Reviews 494)
💥 Updated June 2023

How Does SkinsMonkey Work?

SkinsMonkey makes use of what’s known as a CS:GO trading bot. A CS:GO trading bot is a program that’s designed to automatically scan all publicly listed items and do transactions on your behalf. This is the reason why you can quickly buy or sells skins on SkinsMonkey without much hassle.

On the user’s end, all you have to do is sign in using your Steam Account to allow SkinsMonkey to view your inventory. Just make sure that you have a public Steam Account, have at least Steam Level 2, and an active Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator to trade skins.

From there, you can start trading the skins in your inventory, selling your skins, or buying new skins after making a deposit.

How We Verify and Rank Our SkinsMonkey Promo Codes

Now, I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, is Skinsmonkey legit? They are, and all of our listed promo codes are legit as well. Use the codes HELLA or HELLAGOOD for a $5 bonus on SkinsMonkey.

We verify our SkinsMonkey promo codes through internal testing and public opinion. Of course, codes will sometimes still fail, depending on a few factors. However, codes with a success rate of 90% and above are always acceptable.

We then rank our SkinsMonkey promo codes based on the best deals. If they offer the same deals, then we rank them based on their respective success rates. Overall, the codes HELLA and HELLAGOOD are the safest and most legit codes.

SkinsMonkey Main Promotions

Like most trading sites, SkinsMonkey offers a variety of promotions to attract customers and help new traders get started. SkinsMonkey is actually one of the best CS:GO trading sites when it comes to promotions and bonuses.

One of their main promotions is their $5 sign-up bonus. You can claim the bonus by using any of the following codes: HELLAGOOD and HELLA.

SkinsMonkey also offers a generous up to +35% deposit bonus. By default, you can get a 30% bonus that’s automatically applied to all supported payment methods. However, you can also get an additional 5% deposit bonus if you make use of any of the following codes: HELLAGOOD and HELLA.

They also offer free daily, weekly, and monthly skin raffles that you can join by following a series of tasks.

Payment Methods on SkinsMonkey

One of the best things about SkinsMonkey is its support for numerous payment methods. They support common payment methods like credit cards and debit cards. However, they also support a variety of other methods.

Here are all the payment methods that SkinsMonkey accepts:

  • 💰 Credit Cards
  • 💰 Debit Cards
  • 💰 Bitcoin (BTC)
  • 💰 Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • 💰 Ethereum (ETH)
  • 💰 USD Coin (USDC)
  • 💰 Litecoin (LTC)
  • 💰 Dai (DAI)
  • 💰 Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • 💰 Apple Pay
  • 💰 Paypal
  • 💰 Paysafecard

This gives you great flexibility in terms of payment and allows you to use any method you prefer. Don’t worry. All of the payment methods can be used with the Skinsmonkey code “HELLAGOOD” for an extra 5% deposit bonus.

website deposit options

Pros and Cons of the Site SkinsMonkey.Com

To give you a better overview of SkinsMonkey.com, here are some basic pros and cons that you should know when using the site.


  • 👌 Great UI and easy to navigate
  • 👌 Tons of promo codes for deposit and trading bonus
  • 👌 24/7 live chat support
  • 👌 Reliable and trusted by the community
  • 👌 Provides a variety of free skin raffles
  • 👌 Fast and easy sign-up process


  • 😔 Can’t withdraw as real money, only as skins
  • 😔 The live chat service can sometimes take a while to respond.
  • 😔 Has a 5-7% commission fee

Is SkinsMonkey Legit?

Now it’s time to answer an important question, is SkinsMonkey safe? Yes, it is. SkinsMonkey is legit. It has been reviewed by a variety of popular YouTubers. It’s also trusted by their nearly 1 million registered users. They also have a solid trust score of 4.8 over on Trustpilot, making them a very trustworthy and legit site.

SkinsMonkey also offers fair and balanced pricing for all parties involved. They are also public with all of their Steam trading bots, so ensure that there’s no monkey business happening behind the scenes. Finally, they have solid traffic and have conducted over 1.5 million trades in the US alone.

It’s definitely hard to trust trading sites nowadays because of all the scam sites out there. However, we do believe that SkinsMonkey is one of the legit ones.

trade skins CS:GO

Customer Support

SkinsMonkey has a solid customer support system in place. They have a very helpful Help Center filled with a variety of FAQs and basic concerns that should answer the most common problems.

However, if their Help Center doesn’t provide you with much help, SkinsMonkey also offers a 24/7 live chat service. They have a very traditional chat head that instantly replies with AI-generated text. You also get notified of any replies through a ping sound.

However, you can also request direct human support. Unfortunately, this can take a bit longer, and you can typically expect replies within 2 hours. The service will reply as soon as they can, barring any queues or major issues.


Overall, SkinsMonkey is a legit and safe trading site. They offer a variety of promotions that are perfect for new traders. There are also a ton of SkinsMonkey promo codes available that allows you to save money or get more from your money.

SkinsMonkey has a nice and easy-to-understand UI, making it effortless to conduct trades. It also presents you with valuable information such as float, finish, and pattern as soon as you check a skin out. They also feature a wide variety of skins in their own inventory that are available for great prices.

Unfortunately, they don’t allow direct withdrawals or turning your skins into real money. This makes the site great for trading CS:GO skins but not too good for players looking for a quick profit.


  • How Does SkinsMonkey Trading Work?

    SkinsMonkey trading works by using a trading bot that simply matches the value of your offer with the skins that you want to receive. You can choose from the over 70k skins in the SkinsMonkey inventory and pick out skins from your Steam inventory to initiate a trade.
  • How Much Fee Does SkinsMonkey Take?

    SkinsMonkey takes around 5-7% in commission fees. It will mostly depend on the value of your item. Higher values will generally require higher commission fees.
  • Can I Get Free Skins on SkinsMonkey?

    Yes, you can. SkinsMonkey hosts daily, weekly, and monthly skin giveaways that you can join for free. You’ll just have to do a variety of tasks to earn entries for each giveaway.
  • Is SkinsMonkey.com Legit?

    Yes. SkinsMonkey.com is legit. There are tons of testimonials by users and YouTubers that prove that SkinsMonkey is legit. They also have a solid trust factor rating and have been around since 2021.
  • How Many Coupon Codes are Currently Available for SkinsMonkey?

    We’ve found six working coupon codes for SkinsMonkey. These codes can be claimed when depositing money or getting discounts during trades.

Author: Gamble CS:GO

Updated on: 29.05.2023

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