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Unikrn Esports Review – Your Home of Esports Bets

Unikrn Review
Unikrn is a little insider tip among gamers who are enthusiastic about sports betting. Because here there is not only an XXL portfolio of eSport bets. The provider proves unique selling points with its Moneymatch and Connect offers. And with the bonus especially for eSport fans, he does everything right! You don’t believe us Or do you just want to grab the bonus quickly? Then check out the lucrative Unikrn bonus yourself! In the Unikrn test, we now take a look at where there are other unique selling points. If you need more information and are interested in our Unikrn experiences with the available gambling and sports betting, just read on! Then you have already landed in the best Unikrn test on the net and we will provide you with all the facts about Unikrn! Just read on!

Unikrn pros and cons

  • Crypto betting
  • eSport & Ligue1 insider tip
  • No betting tax
  • Moneymatches
  • Modern design!
  • Manageable depth of play
  • Casino only additional offer

Unikrn review

Bonus offers & free bets: Primarily eSport offers in the bonus portfolio

The first thing we are interested in in the Unikrn test is which bonus offers will pick you up. On the one hand, there is a whole range of different sports betting offers, which are usually free bets or risk-free bets for sports encounters. Then there are special offers for the tournament mode mentioned in the introduction, in which you bet on yourself. And last but not least, there are also two deposit bonus offers, which we will now briefly introduce.

60€ extra make the first steps easier for you

You can secure a deposit bonus for your online betting in Germany or online sports betting in Germany. For a € 20 deposit you get a € 60 bonus in return. This means that with this offer from the sports betting bonus comparison you start with € 80 in the wagering requirements. In the Unikrn experience report of the bonus, we also help you to get the most out of it. Read the guide before activating the bonus.

Casino bonus: With Krypton up to 3k bonus

In the casino you can either secure the same deposit bonus as in the sports betting portal. In other words: deposit € 20 and receive € 60 bonus. Here, however, a special crypto offer ensures particularly positive Unikrn Casino experiences in the Unikrn Casino test. To be exact, you have to deposit here with the crypto currency Unikoin. 1000 UKG deposit generate 3000 UKG bonus. We assume that this offer will ensure the best Unikrn experiences, especially for casino players who want to play with cryptocoins.

Poker fans are not welcome here

We will not create a Unikrn Poker test because the provider is not connected to a network. To be precise, poker is actually only covered in the live casino. And only rudimentary there.

unikrn price

Usability, Look & Feel: Gamers feel at home here

In terms of portal structure and design concept, a very modern portal awaits you here. The provider does everything right and picks up gamers specifically with this design concept. There is a stationary bar at the very top. It always stays in the viewing window. You can use the to switch between the individual sections of the portal. For this alone we award points in the Unikrn test. Next up is the user-friendliness of the bookmaker portal. You can collapse and expand a column on the left. In the you can access the sports for the individual betting offers in the pre-match and live betting sectors. The betting slip is folded in and out on the right-hand side. That means it always stays in your viewing window. This design concept is adhered to in the casino and the stationary bar at the top is retained. In addition, sorting functions will be introduced that will pre-sort the games into the newest games, premium games, live casino games, daily wins, the best games, table games, jackpot games, Macau games and all games. Such an oversupply of sorting and filtering functions would actually not be necessary, since we are talking about a rather manageable portfolio of around 300 games.

Payments: Krypton fans watch out – you will be picked up here

There are a number of payment methods for casino and sports betting payouts & deposits. Whether classics like Sofortüberweisung, Neteller, Skrill, paysafe or Trustly or new crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin or Unikoin – they are all represented and ensure the best Unikrn experiences. Unfortunately, we cannot award the maximum number of points. This is simply because the payment methods are not made available on a transparent information page. You first have to log in to get an overview of them. We consider that to be suboptimal. Mainly because there is no fee and most methods start at ten euros. There’s nothing to hide there! Payments are always made using the same methods – with the exception of paysafe and Giropay. The payment portfolio is then expanded to include bank transfers as a payout option. As I said, the provider shouldn’t really have to hide with these payment methods.

Customer service: German live chat & expandable FAQs

To test the customer service in the Unikrn experience report, we contacted the live chat on a Monday morning. The fact that there was no waiting time and the employee spoke German made for a positive Unikrn Casino experience. Our question about the sales conditions of the new customer bonus for the casino with the Unikoin was also answered in a friendly and competent manner. If the FAQs are expanded now, we will be completely satisfied.

License & security: Isle of men license, SSL and positive entries in tipsters & gambling forums

Before we created a Unikrn test, we checked whether Unikrn can be classified as serious. There is a valid license. It was issued by the Isle of Men Gaming Authority. The authority controls and regulates the provider. The websites are secured with valid SSL certificates. A look at gambling forums and sports betting forums, in which active customers exchange ideas, paints a very positive picture. The provider behaves fairly towards its customers. Payments are not delayed and accounts are not unlawfully blocked.

Loyalty program: There is no, but a lot of other bonus offers

We would only overlook the waiver of a regular customer program if a provider only delivers in the 2021 betting provider comparison. Since Unikrn offers a complete package including a casino, we cannot ignore it. Not because you forego further bonus offers. They can be found in the portfolio and put the renouncement of a regular customer program into perspective a little. Rather because you forego cashback. And especially those who play in the casino and at their favorite machines every day can easily convert five-digit amounts per month. Then a monthly partial repayment of lost stakes is worth its weight in gold. If a cashback were available, it would significantly increase the rating in our Unikrn experience report.

unikrn stock

Unikrn Sports Betting

Betting markets: 20+ sports and 30+ game depth at König Fußball can be expanded

When evaluating the bookmaker’s portal, we have to differentiate: we are now only looking at the normal sports betting portal. There are over 30 important sports here. The focus is on King Football. The sport offers most of the options. Unfortunately, there are only around 35 options in the top leagues. Ancillary sports such as darts or handball are available in the portfolio, but now they don’t offer such exorbitant ones

Game depths. There are no special bets from TV or politics.

The bookmaker portal for eSport is very extensive. The digital sports have been given their own portal. Here the game depths are convincing all along the line. For example, in selected matches at CSGO there are often over 50 different betting options. And these are values ​​that represent real house numbers. The fact that 30 different digital sports are represented in the eSportal is also a number.

Betting odds: often an insider tip at US Sports and Overwatch

The average odds key in both bookmaker portals is around 97% if you include all sports. This is a very good value with which the provider does not have to hide. We checked a couple of quota comparisons to see whether there were any outliers where the provider made a special contribution. We actually found what we were looking for. Occasionally you will find top odds on the US sports that are covered and the Overwatch bets. The provider is occasionally an insider tip.

Live betting & streaming: table or single view – for eSports with streams

When it comes to live betting, we can only really say good things: on the one hand, there were identical sports in the portfolio as in the classic pre-match portfolio. This applies to both normal sports and the eSportfolio. You can still expect very good streams in the eSportfolio. Otherwise, a table view is used for both sub-areas. There are usually 2-4 quick selections. If you click on a single event, a single display opens. We want to praise the statistics in particular. It is one of the better ones. Changes in odds are indicated by changing the color of the odds text. Here we would only wish that the color change would last a little longer than just 2 seconds. But that is complaints at a very high level. If you can do without a multiple display for live bets, you will be picked up here across the board.

You should definitely know that: You can only earn money with moneymatches while gambling here

Unikrn is fighting for the title of Best Sports Betting Provider and Online Casinos simply because it sets standards with its Moneymatches offers. You choose one of your favorite games that you play on the PC or the console yourself. Then, so to speak, you place a bet on a game in which you take part yourself. Now you are playing against an opponent who can also find you via the Moneymatches network. The one of you who wins the game wins the bet. With this offer alone, the provider ensures that a large number of players register with him and also place bets there.

  • Complete provider
  • Moneymatches
  • Unikrn Connect network

Conclusion on sports betting: Our Unikrn experiences

In the sports betting portal, the range of digital sports in particular is one of the unique selling points. The portfolio there is very extensive. The game depths set standards. Sometimes up to 80 betting options. The biggest highlight, and what speaks for a registration, is that you can bet on your personal games on your PC, Playstation or Xbox. Our recommendation is primarily aimed at gamers and eSport betting fans. These are picked up across the board with the current portfolio.

unikrn gold


Software: Easy access & a handful of well-known game manufacturers at the start

What about the offer with which he would like to place himself in the online casino comparison 2020? We’ll start with the access options: you don’t need to install any software to play on the portal. You simply call up the portal in the browser and are there. Even if you use the mobile browser on your smartphone for this, there are no restrictions. The same game portfolio awaits you there too. Only the design concept was adapted to the small screens and thus ensures positive Unikrn experiences also with regard to mobile use.

The fact that Unikrn can be classified as serious always underlines which game manufacturers it cooperates with and which payment methods are supported. In this case, a number of the important game manufacturers can be found. In that case, however, candidates like Playtech or Tom Horn. But they also underline the seriousness of the provider.

Games portfolio: Manageable with almost 250 games

Who gets the best Unikrn Casino experience with the portfolio? When we created the Unikrn test, there was no oversupply of machines. To be precise, there were a total of almost 250 different games in the portfolio. That is certainly sufficient to provide a change from everyday sports betting, but nothing more. There are a few table games, there are a few jackpot machines, and there are over 150 different slots. As I said, it’s all a very manageable portfolio that is enough to provide a change from everyday sports betting.

Live Casino: Live action from Playtech

When we created the Unikrn Casino test, only one provider provided positive Unikrn Casino experiences in the live casino. The live casino is provided by the game manufacturer Playtech. At least five tables are occupied live around the clock. Occasionally some in German. And you don’t have to do without the popular game shows completely. There is no Monopoly Live or Crazy Time here. But the Playtech game variant Spin-a-Wheel.

You should definitely know that: The casino is an additional offer

With the casino offer you will gain positive Unikrn experiences as long as you are only looking for a change from everyday sports betting or the eSports portfolio. We want to praise that there is at least one rudimentary bonus with which the provider tries to place itself in the casino bonus comparison. We do not rate the fact that casino and sports betting news as well as a casino or football betting app is dispensed with here as negative. Our Unikrn experiences with regard to the casino in the Unikrn test lead us to the assessment that we talk extensively about an additional offer.

  • 250 games in the portfolio
  • Additional offer
  • Focus on Playtech

Conclusion: the casino should be upgraded!

In conclusion, we can summarize our Unikrn experiences as follows: a gambling portfolio of 250 different games is no longer sufficient these days. Even in the early days of online casino entertainment, that would be a relatively manageable portfolio. If you consider that today you choose between providers that offer over 5000 different games, then this online casino cannot keep up. Hence our assessment that it is an additional offer to the sports betting offer. In other words, if you are looking for a change from everyday sports betting, you will be served here.


Unikrn Esports

Games: 25+ main esports sports including top game depths

With Unikrn we introduce you to a betting provider for esports that delivers across the board. The Unikrn eSport portfolio includes Unikrn eSport bets for more than 25 different sports. And that’s a real house number now. Because hardly any competitors offer corresponding figures. You will not only find Unikrn eSport bets on LoL, Dota 2 and CS: GO with top game depths. For example, over 30 betting options are offered for important CS: GO matches. There are also many of the new games such as Fortnite, Cod: Warzones or Apex Legends. In addition, the provider covers all known Blizzard Activision games. There are also bets on MDI & Co. And so every player and eSport tipper is picked up.

Tournaments: Many small competitions are also covered

And the provider also delivers across the board when it comes to tournament and competition coverage. We found major leagues in the Unikrn eSport portfolio such as the ESL Pro League at CSGO, the World Championship at LoL or the Perfect World League Tier A at Dota 2. At the same time, we also used a large number of eSports bets as long-term bets on tournaments that related to slightly smaller leagues and competitions. The Afreeca Starleague (SC: BroodWar) is covered extensively here, just to name one of the somewhat smaller, more exotic leagues. The bets on live streamers are also a big highlight. They are offered around the clock every day.

Odds: Unikrn eSport is often unbeatable in the main sports

First of all: the risk department of this bookmaker is very tipper-friendly. We made the direct comparison for you and compared sports such as CS: GO or LoL with well-known competitors. Unikrn always makes it to the top places in quota comparisons. In particular, the odds on favorite tips for the main sports such as CS: GO, LoL or Dota 2 always receive very good odds in the Unikrn eSport portal. If you rely on this provider and place Unikrn eSport bets here in the future, you don’t have to worry about whether you would have received better odds from a competitor and thus won more. As a rule, you bet here with one of the leading providers for the best eSport odds.

Live bets & streams: With Unikrn eSport live bets, every available stream is at the start

A tabular overview awaits you with the Unikrn eSport live bets. In the you will be offered a handful of quick selections. That’s enough for us. What we praise is that an identical portfolio of sports from the pre-match sector can also be found in live betting. Here, too, you can expect more than convincing game depths. We express particular praise for the individual advertisements for eSport bets. The people in charge really made an effort here and integrated every available live stream from twitch and YouTube. We like that very much. If you scroll through the live bets, the live stream is released and is displayed as a small image in the image at the bottom left. Even with live bets, your betting slip remains in the viewing window when you scroll.

Conclusion: There is currently no competitor to the Unikrn eSport Wetten

That Unikrn is currently leading our comparison with its Unikrn eSport portfolio should not come as a surprise: no other competitor covers such an extensive portfolio and so many sports in the field of digital sports. Another highlight is that you often get the best odds with Unikrn eSport bets. And we think it’s really good that every medium-sized twitch streamer can be found here and that you can also bet on your favorite streamer. And with the money matches, with which the provider proves a unique selling point, he turns you into a real eSport player and allows you to bet on yourself and your game!

Unikrn FAQs

❓ Can I use a multiple display for my live bets at Unikrn?

No, you cannot use a multiview for your live bets at Unikrn. If you don’t want to do without this option, you will find the best providers with a multiple ad in our comparison!

❓ Do I have to pay betting taxes at Unikrn?

No! You don’t have to pay the betting tax yourself at Unikrn. The provider will cover these costs for you.

❓ Does Unikrn offer esports betting?

Yes, Unikrn is also a provider for your eSports bets. You can find more portals with a convincing portfolio in our ranking.

❓ Can I find new games at Unikrn Casino?

Regularly. The casino games list of our top recommendations here is constantly being expanded to include the latest and most popular games.

❓ Is the Unikrn Casino bonus beginner-friendly?

Yes. In our casino bonus comparison you can see at a glance where the best bonus offers await you to maximize your profit!

❓ Does the Unikrn Live Casino also offer game shows?

You can find the best providers with Dream Catcher and other popular game shows in our comparison. You don’t have to do without it completely in the Unikrn Casino either.

❓ Which sports does Unikrn offer besides eSports?

In addition to an extensive portfolio of football bets, this provider is also an insider tip for the so-called money matches. Here you can place a bet on yourself and then compete against an opponent in one of the supported games on console or PC. If you win, you not only win the game, but also your bet at Unikrn.

❓ Is it legal to bet at Unikrn?

Yes. This betting provider for eSports is protected by a valid license. The websites are protected by SSL certificates. You bet here safely and with a legal provider.

❓ Are bets on smaller tournaments offered in addition to bets on large international tournaments?

Yes. This provider from our betting provider comparison is even really good at this and proves a unique selling point. If available, you will also find bets on Blizzard’s MDI and extensive Hearthstone coverage here, for example.

Overall conclusion: In the Unikrn test, the moneymatches prove unique selling points

Our recommendation after the Unikrn test is primarily aimed at eSport betting fans and gamers. They are all picked up and are guaranteed to collect the best Unikrn experience. In particular, the so-called moneymatches, in which you bet on your own games on the PC or console, are a unique selling point that does not exist with competitors. Make sure to try this out. The casino portfolio with almost 250 games is rudimentary. With this offer, the provider cannot prevail over well-known casino providers. But on the contrary. As long as the adjusting screws are not turned here, we cannot make a recommendation. In that case it is simply an additional offer for the sports betting portal.

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