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WTFSkins Promo Code

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Promo Code gamblecsgowtf
Get for $0.25 gems for free

WTFSkins Promo Code and Review for June 2023

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WTFSkins Promo Code and Review: How WTFSkins Works

WTFskins promo codes List:

WTFSkins is a CS:GO gambling site where users can bet on different games to win skins.

Users log into WTFSkins through their Steam account, although they are not affiliated with Valve Corp.

They can then deposit into their account using one of the many methods available (we explain all of this later in the review).

Players can bet using skins or gems. Gems can be purchased with deposits made on the site. When you bet using gems, winning bets are paid out in skins of equal value.

In the event of a discrepancy between the value of the skin bet and that of the skin won, the balance will be paid in gems. Gems can be used either to bet on games or to buy skins.

Bonus on WTFSkins – Promo code

You just have to enter this code to receive 0.25 gems which you can use on the whole site. Whether jackpot, roulette or crash.

A daily bonus awaits you if you have already deposited money into wtfskins. The site gives you 0.02 gems every day.

Is WTFSkins reliable or a scam?

Some CSGO sites have engaged in questionable practices over the years. It is therefore normal to wonder if WTFSkins is reliable. WTFSkins has been running for over two years, which is enough to give it some legitimacy.

They have a large user base that keeps coming back, which is another positive sign. WTFSkins is also affiliated with the CSGOLive site, which has been around for 4 years and is well respected. Games on WTFSkins are fair and each game’s hash date can be found under the game itself.

An explanation of how to check fairness can be found in the FAQ section of the site. Users of the WTFSkins site can be assured that the site is completely reliable and secure.

Payment method on WTFskins

Many skin sites have faced a problem after the 7 day trade ban.

Currently, you can deposit money into your WTFSkins account using several methods:

  1. CS:GO, DOTA 2 or TF2 skins
  2. G2A Pay (MasterCard, Visa, Bitcoin, Skrill and others)
  3. Paypal
  4. Visa, mastercard
  5. Skrill
  6. Bitcoin

As for withdrawals, you can withdraw counter strike, dota or team fortress skins for an equivalent price in gems. The withdrawal is done instantly and without any identity verification.

Games available on WTFSkins

The WTFSkins gambling site offers three games that players can bet on. The selection of games isn’t huge, but the ones on offer are generally the most popular.

The games offered are as follows:

Crash: Crash is an extremely popular game on gambling sites. The game works like this: a line on a graph represents a multiplier that starts with 1x. The line moves horizontally, causing the multiplier to rise for a while before collapsing. Players must click “cash out” at the highest multiplier level, but before the line collapses. The winning bets correspond to the initial bets times the multiplier displayed when the “cash out” button was clicked. Players can also choose the “Auto” feature which automatically stops at a multiplier you set without having to click manually. This feature can be useful for people with slower internet speeds.

Roulette: The WTFSkins version of roulette has 15 squares which are numbered 0-15. Space 0 is green, 7 spaces are red, and the remaining 7 spaces are black. Players can bet on any of the three colors. Winning bets on black and red pay x2, while a winning bet on green pays x14.

Jackpot: In the Jackpot, players deposit skins into a pot for which they receive tickets based on the value of the skins. A ticket is chosen at random and the holder of that ticket wins the pot. WTFSkins takes a 5% commission for pots.

Opening the checkout is also optional, but redirects the user to the CSGOLive site.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WTFSkins


  1. You can bet directly with skins without having to redeem them
  2. The site can be viewed in 9 different languages
  3. There are daily bonuses
  4. Deposits and withdrawals are usually made quickly


  1. No 24/7 online support. Customer support is through a ticketing system, which can take several hours for a response.
  2. The FAQ could be more complete. There are some standard questions that users probably haven’t covered in the FAQ.


Overall, WTFSkins is pretty standard. There are a limited number of games you can bet on, but the ones they offer are popular.

The daily bonuses are also a good advantage. WTFSkins is very good at what they do, but not the best.


  • How do I get my WTFSkins bonus?

    With the code: gamblecsgowtf you can get 0.25 gems for free and without deposit to test the site.

  • What games are available on WTFSkins?

    There are quite a few games available. You can play roulette, crash and jackpot.

  • How to deposit and withdraw on WTFSkins?

    Payments are made by cryptocurrency, bank card or via csgo and dota 2 skins. To withdraw, you an internal market where you can exchange your gems for skins.

Author: Gamble CS:GO

Updated on: 10.03.2023

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